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a date which will live in infamy

Eighteen men came together on this chilly morning to remember the 2403 people who lost their lives exactly 77 years ago at Pearl Harbor. YHC put together a straight-forward beatdown. After a quick disclaimer we got started. I told the pax to get in pairs and do 300 reps total for each of the following […]

Highlands REDFriday – SSG Larry Barnard WOD

4 men of MECA gathered on a cold morning for the last weekday workout and last REDFriday at Highlands of 2017.  This REDFriday beatdown was in honor of SSG Larry Barnard who gave his life during Operation Just Cause in Panama December 20, 1989.  SSG Barnard of Bravo Company, 3rd BN, 75th Ranger RGT was killed […]

RED Friday – CPT John D. Hortman

Half a dozen men set off into the gloom to Remember Everyone Deployed. WARMARAMA =>Warm up mosey to the golf course parking lot, then 8 First Order Stormtroopers, Squat Thrusters, Mountain Climbers, Mericans and Jump Squats REMEMBER CPT John David Hortman, 30, from South Carolina, died in a helicopter crash at Georgia’s Fort Benning. His […]

A Celebration of 68W Health Care Specialists (Army Medic)

7 men resisted the urge to to seek #AmazingDeals with the #WomenFolk (#PurseHolders) and stepped into the #FrigidGloom for a #RedFriday tribute to some unsung heroes, the Army Medic.  Today’s workout was in honor of US Army Specialist, Jameson L. Lindskog: US Army (101. Airborne) Specialist, Jameson L. Lindskog , 23, of Pleasanton, Calif., assigned […]