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Q Fail

8 Mighty Men were patiently waiting for YHC after an alarm setting fail.  The PAX was very gracious to YHC and agreed to follow after YHC arrived.  It went like this after YHC finally showed up…..   THE THANG 10-1 of the following: Deadlifts Goblet Squats Halos OH carry with your weight to the other […]

No 1/2 reps

10 Mighty Men joined YHC at Stallings Park to throw around some metal or whatever weight you wanted to bring.  We gathered behind the shelter, which was new to some, and took off as the clock hit 0530.  It went something like this…..   WARMUP IST Merkins Toy Soldiers Arm Scissors Arm Circles   THE […]

Fifty Two

Friday, April 19th, 2024 – Stallings Road Park, Harrisburg, NC Eight of F3 MeCa’s most opportunistic gathered in very nice 60 degree temperatures to pick things up and put them down in order to get a little better.  Disclaimer given so we mosey’d to the end of the parking lot and then… Warm-O-Rama: SSH x […]

Spring into Iron

Eleven of the Burg’s strongest kicked off Spring at Harrisburg Iron… DATE: 03/01/24 PAX: Papa John, SS Minnow, Firebrand, Uncle Floyd, Gamma, Othello, Hacksaw, Bearclaw, Zin, Deadhead, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   WARMUP: Mosey to the tennis court, COP SSH x 20 IST x 20 Penny Pickers x 15 Upper Arm stretches Mosey back […]

Red Shirt Tabata Friday

Friday, February 23rd, 2024 – Stallings Road Park, Harrisburg, NC Thirteen of F3 MeCa’s most undaunted converged under the shelter in the warm (for winter) pre-rain weather bringing along their favorite kettlebells/dumbbells for a Tabata styled workout in hopes of getting a little stronger.  Four HIMs got the memo about the red shirt effort… the […]

Motivated at The Park

Friday, January 5th, 2024 – Stallings Road Park, Harrisburg, NC Thirteen of F3 MeCa’s most warm blooded gathered in the below freezing temperatures under clear star-filled skies with their favorite kettlebells/dumbbells in hopes of getting a little better.  Disclaimer given so we mosey’d around the tennis courts, made our way back to the parking lot […]

All the Muscles

15, including a visiting Cheesehead, did all the upper body work they could handle for one morning. The 12oz curls may be a little more difficult this evening. Pax: Toolbelt, SS Minnow, Deadhead, Exit54, Kojak, Mad Dog, Sheepdog, Goldrush, Othello, Constitution, JD, Uncle Floyd, Bear Claw, Minion, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer(ish) Warm-Up High Knees The […]

Swinging of the Bells

The 11th Day of Christmas brought us kettlebells-a-swinging, as well as 11 men who chose to work hard this morning. Date: 12/22/23 Workout: Harrisburg Iron Pax: JD, Bear Claw, Hacksaw, Mad Dog, Deadhead, Othello, Uncle Floyd, Kojak, Constitution, Magic Mike, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer Warm-Up High Knees Various stretches Yurpee with a few more stretches […]

5 Golden Rings (Forged by Fire)

Title: 5 Golden Rings (Forged by Fire) DATE: 12/15/2023 PAX: @gamma @Othello @Uncle Floyd @Mad Dog @Hacksaw @Zin @JD @Constitution @Bearclaw QIC: @Red Tape WARM-UP: Disclaimer Arm circles with warm up Shoulder shrugs Penny pick up Jumping Jacks Windmill Mosey around the tennis courts and back THE THANG: The gloom was bright and merry as the PAX celebrated the fifth day of Christmas […]