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SSH Transition

Pax: @Constitution @Kojak @Redtape @SSMinnow @DrLecter @PapaJohn @MadDog @Gilmore Q: @Othello YHC arrived at 0515 to try to come up with an awesome BD as @Gapper’s sub for the morning.  Unfortunately, I was too groggy to come up with anything extraordinary.  A few ideas shuffled in my nogin so I decide to run with it.  […]

Good Friday Madness

Title: Good Friday Madness Date: Friday March 29, 2024 PAX Count: 10 Red Tape Uncle Floyd Othello SS Minnow JD Hacksaw Constitution Bearclaw Zin Dr. Lecter Q: Red Tape Warmup Mosey around the tennis courts followed by: • SSH x 15 • Bobby Hurley’s x 15 • Windmills x 15 Mosey back to the shelter. […]

Take me out to the ballgame

9 other sluggers joined YHC for some trips around the diamond to celebrate the beginning of the baseball season. PAX: Othello, Constitution, BearClaw, TarTar, Murtaugh, SS Minnow, Uncle Floyd, Gold Rush, Mad Dog Q: Dr. Lecter Date: 3/26/24 Warm-o-rama SSH x16 IC IST x16 IC Penny Pickers x16 IC Mountain Climbers x16 IC   The […]

Springing into Tabata Thursday!

Date:03/21/24 AO: Harrisburg PAX: @TarTar, @Bearclaw, @SSMinnow, @Goldrush, @Othello, @Constitution, @Zin, @UncleFloyd Q: @UncleFloyd Count: 8 FNG: 0 Eight PAX gathered in the gloom to get their money’s worth by completing a group coupon-carry exercise and two extended sets of Tabata strength training on the second full day of Spring, enjoying the balmy temps and […]

Just some boxes

10 Mighty Men joined YHC at The Ridge with a promise to stay warm despite the freezing temps.  Hopefully the PAX got their money’s worth and left nice and toasty.  The clock hit 0530 and after some kinda disclaimer off we went.  It went something like this…..   WARM-UP Hillbillies Merkins Low Slow Squats SSH’s […]

Heart-rate Elevate

AO: Harrisburg, The Ridge QIC: SS Minnow PAX: Kojack, JD, Peppa, Dr Lecter, Exit 54, Goldrush, Constitution, Uncle Floyd, Gilmore, Hacksaw FNGs: 0 COUNT: 11 Ten boot-campers and one rucker converged in the gloom at The Ridge and here is what took place: The rucker (Hacksaw) went his merry way and I am sure got […]

A little of this and a little of that

Date: 3/12/2024 PAX: BearClaw, Othello, SS Minnow, Uncle Floyd, Gilmore, Constitution Q: Dr. Lecter 7 came out to the Ridge to get better and work off those spring break pounds. Warm-o-rama SSH x15 IC IST x15 IC Penny Pickers x15 IC Plank Jacks x15 IC Mosey to the practice field. The Thang Partner up. Partner […]