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Father’s Day Follow-Up Tabata

Date: 06/18/24 AO: #F3Harrisburg PAX: @Constitution, @Bearclaw, @Murtaugh, @SSMinow, @Uncle Floyd Q: @Uncle Floyd Ruck: @Deadhead Count: 6 YHCs: 0 Tabata Tuesday Beatdown: 5 brothers assembled at The Ridge to complete an arduous Tabata high-intensity (HITT) beatdown and complete some Father’s Day mumble-chatter in balmy 68 degree weather while another brother completed a ruck in […]


Date: 6/11/2024 PAX: Constitution, Othello, Zin, Uncle Floyd, Gilmore, Bearclaw, Tar Tar Q: Dr. Lecter   7 men joined YHC this morning in search of freedom from sad clown syndrome and William Wallace had just the thing. Disclaimer given and then mosey through parking lot to the stop sign by the gate, circle up. Warm-o-rama […]

2nd F

Date: 6/6/24 Workout: The Ridge Pax: Constitution, Uncle Floyd, Othello, Zin Q: Zin 4 of us gathered in the high school parking lot. At about 5:35 we realized it was just going to be us, so off we went. –Warmup– Mosey to the ticket booth for some warmup excercises. SSH x10 Low slow squat x10 […]

Trail Blazing: Tick Check Mandatory

AO: Harrisburg, The Ridge QIC: SS Minnow PAX: Goldrush, Constitution, Uncle Floyd, Tar Tar, Othello, Pappa John, Bonvoy, Dud FNGs: 0 COUNT: 9 Nine hard chargers enjoyed the beautiful sunrise and then took off for some huffing and puffing Warm-o-rama Mosey to the middle school track (via crossing the ridge) with four stops along the […]

Man Makers on the Move

AO: #f3harrisburg Date: 05/30/24 PAX: @Othello, @CPAP, @SSMinnow, @Dudd, @Escalade, @UncleFloyd, @Bonvoy, @Zin, @Constitution, Q: @UncleFloyd Count: 9 FNGs:0 In the presence of beautiful 57 degree weather, 9 PAX stepped into the gloom to encourage each other and get stronger. Here’s what we did… Disclaimer Short send-off prayer inviting the Lord into our beatdown, asking […]

Hey, Hey, Hey there, Mr Big Chest

Date: 05/21/2024 AO: #f3harrisburg PAX: @Gilmore @TarTar @JD @Constitution @Gold Rush @Uncle Floyd @Zin @SS Minnow @PapaJohn, @Murtaugh Q: @Murtaugh FNG: 0 Count: 10 Awesome disclosure, then here’s what we did to “curb our enthusiasm” for @Murtaugh’s virgin Q! The Thang Short mosey. Warm up sets of 10-20: side saddle hop, imperial storm trooper, hill […]


Date: 5/23/2024 PAX: Constitution, Mad Dog, Tar Tar, SS Minnow, Gold Rush, Uncle Floyd Q: Dr. Lecter That’s the best way to describe this beatdown. There’s a reason it hasn’t been repeated since October 2020. But YHC’s memory was a little fuzzy and didn’t remember how bad it was so thought it was about time […]

OYO on My Count

Title: OYO on My Count Date: Friday May 17, 2024 PAX Count: 9 Red Tape Uncle Floyd Othello SS Minnow Murtaugh Gold Rush Constitution Bucky Zin Q: Red Tape Warmup Mosey next to the tennis courts followed by: • Plank to leg stretch • Push Up x 15 • Air Squat x 15 Mosey back […]

Who is this Cooper guy?

Date: 5/14/2024 PAX: Othello, Constitution, Red Tape, Gold Rush, Uncle Floyd Q: Dr. Lecter  5 joined YHC for a simple but effective beatdown. Kind of boring, really. But easy to follow and definitely kept the heart rate up. Disclaimer was given ad then a short mosey over to the from of the school. Warm-o-rama SSH […]