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It the clear, cool, calm pre-dawn of Harrisburg 10 Brothers converged at The Ridge for 45 minutes of exercising with some college football trivia as a thrown in as a distraction. Pax: Banjo Boy, Wexler, Battery, Smokey, Hot Dog, Bear Claw, Othello, TarTar, Exit 54 QIC: SS Warm-o-rama mosey across parking lot side straddle hop […]

Pyramid of Pain

pAx: Tar Tar, Othello, SS Minnow, Banjo Boy, Wexler* QIC: Banjo Boy 4.001 of the best of the Burg came out this morning to get better and climb (and descend) the Pyramid of Pain. Here it goes. Mosey to the ticket booth to warm up. 20 SSH (what else?) 20 Imperial Storm Troopers 10 Slow […]

Some were dryer than others

Eight of Harrisburg’s finest gathered in the November gloom for a couple of sets of 60 second exercises, along with some warm-up and core cool-down. Pax: Smokey, Goldrush, Othello, Exit54, Papa John, Battery, Banjo Boy QIC: SS Warm-o-rama Mosey across parking lot Side straddle hop Imperial storm trooper Windmill Merkin Air squat Burpees Mosey to […]

Just Like The First Time

11 stately studs joined YHC for a jaunt around the schools for a little of this and a little of that.  The Deets: Pax: SS Minnow, BanjoBoy, Zin, Static, Kojak, Dr lector, Othello, Mad Dog, JD, Battery, SoloCup Q: SoloCup   Warm up Mosey up to the stop sign SSH x 15 Mosey to the […]

There and back again

PAX: Sheepdog, Solo Cup, Tar Tar, Othello, SS Minnow, Wexler, T Bone, Clueless, Exit 54, Bon Voy, Banjo Boy Q: Dr. Lecter Date: 10/25/22   12 came out for a there and back again trip around the bus lot. YHC is trying out this newfangled Slackblast so let’s see how it goes. WARMUP: Mosey to […]

Puttin’ In Twerk

6 absolute studsicles brought the pain for an early morning Tabata workout at The Ridge. Here’s how it went down: Pax: TarTar, BanjoBoy, Exit 54, Peppa, Othello, SoloCup Q: SoloCup Warm Up SSH x 15 Hillbillies x 15 (Go App State!) Mt Climbers x 15 The Thang Tabata 20:10 x 10 Jump Squats Merkins WWII […]

45 Minutes of Zin v2

Date: 10/18/22 Q: Zin PAX: Smokey, Tar Tar, Othello, Dr. Lecter, Solo Cup, Banjo Boy, Static, Escalade, SS Minnow, Exit 54, Zin, Deadhead FNGs: None COUNT: 12 12 of Harrisburg’s best and brightest came out at 5:30 AM to get a little better and a little brighter. Here’s how it went: WARMUP: Mosey to the […]