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Mini Millstream Convergence

6 Highlanders welcomed 5 Tradition/Precinct pax into the loving embrace of Millstream Ridge Repeats this morning. The embrace was warm…very warm…and sweaty…and smelly…and quite painful. More like a ferocious bear hug than an “embrace.” This was no “Gentle Grizzly” (who made up some excuse about his M’s birthday being the reason he couldn’t post to […]

Highlands Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) 2015: The Official Backblast

The Teams Fast & Furious Driver: Law Dawg Pavarotti Diplomat Chavez Nanny Filibuster Chowder Kato Stoli Treadstone Joggernots Driver Van 1: Thorn Drivers Van 2: Fonda & Ziploc Mash Pharaoh Nighthawk Meathead Glock Search & Rescue Shazam J-Lo Sugar Dropcloth Bootstrap Bling Quotes from the gloom “Did a wet dog get in the van?”   […]