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Training for the F3 Heavy Heavy and other extreme endurance events from someone who has been there and done that

Below is an outline of training for the F3 Heavy Heavy which will be April 6-8 2017 in Wilmington. The author is John Steele who is likely the most patched GRT ever, who has completed the first HH and the first HHH. If you are interested in participating follow the link below for details. http://f3nation.com/2016/10/27/the-csaup-bar-is-raised-yet-again/ […]

3rd Annual F3 Golf Classic: Official Historian’s Report

Every year, Old Sycamore Golf Club plays host to the one of the most anticipated events of the year, where men from all F3 regions can assemble to determine who has the worst golf fashion sense on the Eastern Seaboard. Early Bloomer is always the odds on favorite, with a penchant for multiple-logoing like he’s a […]

2016 F3 Golf Classic – Final PreBlast

All the details you need for 2016 F3 Golf.  If you still have questions, hit the comments or email F3Golf@gmail.com. LOCATION AND TIME Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation is located at 7500 Olde Sycamore Dr, Mint Hill, NC 28227. This Friday, July 29. Check In begins at 7:30 AM. Light breakfast will be served (Bojangles biscuits and some hand […]

MudRun Fall 2015 #Preblast Race Day

We trust all of you are excited and ready to be a part in our largest gathering of F3 men. When F3 Nation descends upon the Leatherneck this Saturday, we will definitely turn some heads and draw a lot of attention. There are a few logistical changes, so this PreBlast is an attempt to provide sufficient detail […]