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Hey — there’s free parking!

Today, for the first time, YHC drove a car to an F3 beatdown at HCES. With near-freezing temperatures and a steady rain, I thought there was a pretty good chance no one would show and at 5:31 I would drive back to a warm, dry house. But at 5:30 sharp a car’s headlights pierced the […]

Cruising to Eastfield and back

3 PAX posted on a humid 5:30 morning for the Highlands Cruise.  The route: Run Out and Back to Eastfield via Highland Creek Parkway Turn back earlier to cut the distance as necessary Moleskin: Good to see Dutch Boy making his measured return to regular posting. Great discussion of Gov Cooper’s announcement on how schools […]

The Snape and Gordo Cruise

A lovely morning for a nice and easy long cruise that will be known as route 1. Total Miles – 4.75 Total Climb: ~ 250 feet The route is shown below: Moleskin: Glad to have had Snape HC a couple of days before. Nice second F with Snape and glad we kept the pace reasonable

The Cruise Greatest Hits

6 Cruisers headed out in the gloom to take in the Greatest Hits of our Wednesday morning routes…. The Greatest Hits Thang: Firehouse loop Skyline Greenway 5k loop Parkway Golf course HCE entrance COT Pray Moleskin: Well, the rain held off and it was a decent morning for a run. I wanted to cover some […]

201 Central Loop

A cold mid 30s but dry morning pulled 7 PAX out of their fart sac the old “201 Central Loop”.  No FNGs were noted and unfortunately YHC forgot the disclaimer.  Therefore this serves as a retroactive disclaimer: F3, Highland Creek, Gordo, Disaster and anyone associated with F3 cannot be held liable for you running on […]