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A Star Studded Cruise

YHC picked the coldest day of the year so far (25°) to lead 7 other Pax into the gloom. The cruise launched from Tradition and went like this: Right on Prosperity. Left on Fairlea. Onto the greenway. Right on Saxonbury. Left on Mallard Grove. Left on David Cox. Left into the apartment complex and onto […]


YHC couldn’t attend the little man of F3’s 2 year anniversary beat down due my own little man 2.0 turning 1 today. Sorry @Farm. I set up 2 routes for 5:30 and 6:15 leaving from Tradition and no one showed for the 5:30 but me. So I turned it into a solo Fartlek to get […]

Humid run

10 men came together today for a humid cruise. Here are the routes: Route 1: https://footpathapp.com/routes/4fc8fc6c73f84c97872d1a92253f8a66 Route 2: https://footpathapp.com/routes/e32582031b034334bc32d48fd726b467 Filibuster, Farm, Grizzly, and Dingo ran 3 miles before the two above routes. They were joined by YHC, Pleasure, Hophunter, and Landlord for the first route. Buckwheat and Hot Wheels joined the rest of us for […]

15 for a Wednesday Cruise!

YHC set out to create and run a new route that hadn’t be run from the “new” Valley location this morning. That was accomplished. @Dingo tried to convince me to run to the cruise and back and then didn’t even run back himself, I didn’t either. Many different distances were covered this morning, I’ll do […]

Straight up shoot out!

The challenge was thrown down on Friday.  Were there men brave enough to take on a 4.5 mile segment and take The Farms Strava crown away from him!  The men and boys answered in force.  But it was the boy that stole the day! 10 men came for the first route.  3 men hunted the […]

Could The Valley Cruise Be Relocating Yet Again?

ELEVEN cruisers drove or ran into Corvian Elementary’s parking lot – possibly for the last time since our cars are now under tow threats. But Dingo says he has some strings yet to pull and threats yet to make, so anything is possible. Maybe the authorities will concede simply because they can’t understand him. The […]