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ASEC Special

AO: F3Concord Q: Mayweather PAX: Mayweather, Neverland, Spud, homeland, psycho-t, Brickyard FNGs: None COUNT: 6 6 men rolled out of their warm beds and were up before the enemy today ready to kill on a chilly morning. WARM UP SSH x20ic Hillbillies x15ic Loose Change x10ic Arm Circles forward and back Mosey to the Rock […]

Cold and Fast in the Deck

AO: F3Concord Q: exit54 PAX: Luthor, private_ryan, Tombstone, Skinner, Spud, Sandtrap, mountie, look_me_up, popeye, firechicken, El Abogado, hops, BirdDog, Brickyard FNGs: None COUNT: 15 WARMUP: Mosey to Carolina Courts, COP • SSH x 20 (IC) • Windmills x 15 (IC) • IST x 20 (IC) • Jihadis x 5 (IC) THE THANG: Starting at the […]

F3Concord – Mount St. Beatdown

Very cold this morning. We were late leaving the gate because half the crew showed up not at 6:29, but rather 6:30+ Neverland does not like tardiness. 10 men then took off…….. Warmup— Mosey to new deck via Union St. Bottom level for SSH, Mountain Climbers, some Cobra action, and arm circles. Mosey to the […]

F3Concord – Thousand Rep Challenge

Jog to Carolina Courts Circle up- Carolina Courts Parking Lot SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Arm Circles Stay at Carolina Courts parking lot for Station #1 The Thang: Ten exercises times ten reps per exercise (100 reps per station) 100 reps times ten stations equals one thousand reps! Seems easy……..not bad until Station #5. […]