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F3 MeCa | April 15, 2021

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F3Concord – Trying to Stay Hard and Warm

  • When: 2/3/21
  • QIC: Psycho-T
  • The PAX: El Ab, Spud, Private Ryan, Mountie, Firechicken, Luthor, Look Me Up, Scooter, Total Package, Bozeman, Skinner, Indy, Hipbone, Tombstone, Neverland, Wham, Snake Eyes, BCR, Finish Line

20 Pax entered the Freezing Ass Cold


Mosey to Carolina Courts
SSH x 20
Hillbillys x 10

Loose Change


4 Stations
Start at Carolina Courts with 13 LBC’s. Proceed to bottom of Old Deck . 13 Mercans. Run to top of Deck and do 13 Air Squats. Head down stairwell and proceed down Market Street to the Concord Engineering Parking Lot. 13 Burpees in the lot. Head back to Carolina Courts and Repeat. Decrease reps by 2 with each round. Everyone got through 2-3 revolutions. Some overachievers knocked out 4-5 revolutions. Started with 13 because that was the margin of defeat for the Heels last night. Everyone should have to suffer when the Heels lose!

Run to Mary


Quick Stretch on your own because Q ran us out of time.


Freezing this morning, but still a great turnout. I was beginning to think that I had offended Catfish somehow. He never misses a workout unless he is traveling. Turns out he has been hanging out with the Kannon guys too much and he had an alarm malfunction. Great coffee time as usual. Catfish joined us and redeemed himself. Great to have Bozeman back in the fold. I’m grateful to be back and feeling good after the “Vid” got me. Sometimes you don’t realize how important something is to you until you can’t have it. Definitely missed this group for a few weeks. You are a great group of Men and I am proud to call you Brothers. Make the most of the day and remember that we only get one shot at life. Live it every day!

Aye, PT

  • On February 3, 2021

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