Author: Thick Burger

The Sound of Muuuuuuusic

Rain was in the forecast, so the QIC planned for a beatdown that would keep the pax safe and dry. Imagine everyone’s surprise when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky? No matter…the beatdown had already been predetermined. Get the disclaimer out of the way. LET’S DO THIS!!! WARMUP Mosey over to the middle school […]

Why is it Still Cold?

So, F3-MECA has been on a hiatus for nearly 60 days due to Covid-19. This week, the Boondocks returned to action with a welcome back party. But in 60 days time, the temperatures seemed to have remained the same?! What gives?? After exchanging some pleasantries (from a socially-distanced 6ft+ away), it’s time to workout. LET’S […]