Hide-n-Go-Seek…Boondocks Edition

So, here we are with another rendition of the MECA Passport Challenge underway, and quite a few pax needed to get a stamp at the most mysterious of AOs in the region…The Boondocks (*dun-dun-duuuuh* scary music). A few passporters reach out to the QIC Motown to ensure that the location is confirmed, and Motown assures us of a fun-filled time in the gloom.

Well…it didn’t quite work out that way…QIC is a no show. Luckily, we have a former Boondocksian that was more than capable of showing the rest of the pax around. We’ll get started with the warmup and I’m sure he’ll mosey in a little after the starting gun, right? Riiiiiiiiiiight…LET’S DO THIS!!!

Mosey around the parking lot giving a tour like I’m on MTV Cribs. “This is where we do merkins. This is a hill that we run up and down sometimes.” It was fun getting a chance to show off the old stomping grounds.

SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
Penny Picker x 10
Merkins x 10

***anybody seen Motown?***

Mosey around the parking lot some more, while showcasing all the gloriousness that is The Village. Head over to the church. Time for the Starfish

Begin at the middle of the parking lot, perform 5 burpees
Run to a corner and perform and exercise, then return to the middle for 5 burpees. Run to next corner until complete
#1 – 10 merkins
#2 – 10 WW2 situps
#3 – 20 LBCs
#4 – 20 Air squats

***anybody seen Motown?***

Mosey over to the hill for some 7s. At the top of the hill, perform 1 burpee, run to the bottom, perform 6 WW2s. Run back up the hill…2 burpees, 5 WW2s, 3 burpeess, 4 WW2s…until completion

Mosey back towards the parking lot while pointing out the middle school and elementary school as possible pain stations to explore. We figured that Motown might be hiding over there, and thought to go look for him. No time…keep heading to the picnic shelter.

Short Circuit
2 pax performing exercises, while the remaining pax served as timer (performing 10 merkins)
#1 – shoulder press
#2 – dips
#3 – decline merkins

Community-led Mary, with pax taking turns calling out exercises (I can’t remember them all)

1. Today was fun. Felt good to be back the the Boondocks
2. I feel like Poutine and Dutchboy were very impressed with The Village. I could see the wheels turning in their head. Almost like they may create some CSAUP specifically for this location
3. Motwon, we missed ya today bro! But we’ll be back. I know we like to joke with you, but it takes a helluva man to run an AO solo. T-claps to you!!!
4. But please believe that we are still going to give you a hard time for ghosting us today!