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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Come One, Come All…Get Your Passports Stamped!!

  • When: 03/05/20
  • QIC: Thick Burger
  • The PAX: Babe, Banksy, Big Tuna, Silas, Snowsuit, Thickburger

First week of the F3 MECA Passport Challenge, and quite a few folks have made the trek out to the Boondocks to see what all the buzz was about! Not only is this pax the best looking in F3 MECA, but they also smell really good!! Fist bump with everyone and give the disclaimer. LET’S DO THIS!!!

The QIC is not a fan of running, so he figured that the warmup mosey would be a little more “scenic” than usual. Let’s go and visit the portable classrooms first and then circle up

SSH x15
IW x10
Hillbilly x10
Windmill x10
Good Morning x10

Never a bad time to show the visitors a new exercise. Let’s do everyone’s favorite…The Motivator (starting from 7)

Mosey over to the school entrance

1 pax serves as timer, running to the “creepy van” and performing 5 burpees, then running back. While he’s running, the pax performs:
1. Shoulder press (from People’s Chair position)
2. Dirty hookups
3. Dips
4. Decline merkins
5. Donkey kicks
6. Wayne’s world (from People’s Chair position)

Mosey over to the coupon station, grab two bricks, and meet me over there

Tabata workout (20 sec on, 10 sec rest, 8 sets of each exercise)
1. Curls
2. Triceps extension
3. Squats
4. Side lat raise
5. Front lat raise

Return the bricks and gather around for Mary

WW2 x 10 (oyo)
Fire hydrants x 10 (oyo)
Broken windshield wiper x 10

1. If you were looking for some rest for your legs, you found it today
2. If you were looking for some rest for your shoulders, I sincerely apologize
3. Thanks for slummin it up with us Snowsuit, Babe, and Silas. Can’t wait to come and tear up your house!

Thick Burger

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