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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Planks-a-Plenty: The Remix

  • When: 02/04/20
  • QIC: Thick Burger
  • The PAX: Banksy, Big Tuna, Father Mulcahy, Motown, Thick Burger

February in the Carolinas…that means 60 degrees at 0530. No humidity. Ideal conditions for a beatdown. LET’S DO THIS!!!

SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
IW x 10
Hillbilly x 10

Mosey over to the soccer field

Round #1
Each pax does a different station, while one pax serves as the timer, running to the main entrance and does 10 LBCs and runs back
1. Dips
2. High plank (with feet elevated)
3. Hold plank
4. Merkins with alternating shoulder taps on pax at Station 3


Round #2
One person serves as timer again
1. Hold plank
2. Air squat
3. Hold plank
4. Calf raises


Mosey over to coupon pile for Coupon Clipboard Dude – one pax calls out an exercise and serves as timer by running a lap in the parking lot
1. Shoulder press
2. Curls
3. Situps with coupon
4. Thrusters
5. Tri ext

1. The Alphabet
2. WW2
3. LBCs
4. J-Lo
5. Mason twist

1. Nothing major…fun times with the pax
2. Welcome back (from Hawaii) Big Tuna

Thick Burger

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