Author: Schnitzel

Dale Time Trials

PAX: Beef, Schnitzel, Squid, Gunny, Grandmaster, Cupid, Heisenberg Q: Schnitzel Date: 4/29/2022 A splendid morning, temps around 50, no breeze.  05:30 rolled around quickly this morning, YHC did normal stretching, (especially Achilles), happened to check watch and it was time to move. Disclaimer Warm-a-rama Mosey over to dark empty parking lot across Main St.  No […]

Nado and Cruise, together again

Great temps this morning.  5 for the Cruise and 5 for the Ruck.  YHC draggd 2.0 Barnabas along, as its no fun to nado by yourself, but thankfully, a few others were not scared for some work on the track. PAX: Ruckers: Chachi, Pox, Sugar, Manwich, Kumho Runners: Heatstroke, Soprano, LoveSeat, Barnabas, Schnitzel Q: Schnitzel […]

Little bit of this, little bit of core killers

Pax: Schnitzel, Squid, TheBurgh, RiskyBusiness, Gunny, Loafer, Heisenberg, Java Date: 4/8/2022 Q: Schnitzel   Nice temps, upper 40s, no wind – great morning to be out at Kannon.  Seven others roll in and off we go. Disclaimer I’m not a professional, modify as necessary.  For @Java, that means do 2x whatever YHC calls out. Warm-A-Rama […]

The Tabata Comedy Hour

PAX: Squid, Gunny, The Burgh, Heisenberg, Risky Business, Chicken Strip, Schnitzel Q: Schnitzel Date: 3/23/2022 Pushing 60 degrees this morning, but stormy weather looming for the morning and afternoon hours today. Disclaimer I’m not a professional. Warm-A-Rama Where did everybody go?  YHC was thinking a boycott was taking place, or a all-PAX modification of the […]

Beatdown with no catchy title

PAX: SteelCannon, Sugar, Soprano, Schnitzel, Detention, Backstop, Kumho, Heatstroke, FNG-Dave, Peanuts, LifeAlert, Kilowatt Q: Schnitzel Date: 3/3/2022 Good bit warmer this morning, YHC and Peanuts standing in middle of parking lot around 05:28:30 when a caravan of cars pulled in, good showing afterall. Disclaimer Choppy disclaimer, but, I’m not a professional.  Everybody survived and nobody […]

LifeAlert to the Rescue

Mid fifties this morning, cloudy with spooky quarter moon hanging out in the sky around turn 3.  Lots of pickup trucks rolling in from the PAX. PAX: Detention, Pox, Backstop, LifeAlert, Loveseat, Manwich, Sugar, Kumho, Heatstroke, Master Po, Schnitzel Date: 2/24/2022 Q: Schnitzel Disclaimer Slightly drawn out disclaimer as we await later arrivals to get […]

Never knew that was uphill

Moderate showing this morning, but 5 strong for a mid-thirties beatdown in the gloom.  Maybe warmer temperatures on the horizon, but for now… PAX: Detention, Backstop, Soprano, Manwich, Schnitzel Q: Schnitzel Date: 2/10/2022 Disclaimer Nobody opted to skip the workout altogether. Warm-A-Rama Mosey to basketball court for opening round of: SSH x20 Hillbilly x10 Penny […]

Tabata Bells, Tabata Bells, Tabata all the way

Date: 12/20/21 PAX: Detention, Project, Barnabas, Gilligan, Schnitzel Q: Schnitzel A little chill in the air this morning, with full moon lighting up the CB parking lot, this week before Christmas.  YHC rolls in at 05:29:45 with a few 2.0s clowned in.  Project waiting patiently and Detention appears, even after me. Disclaimer Modify as necessary, […]