Kore Cillers

PAX: Detention, Clickbait, Life Alert, Love Seat, Sugar, Soprano, Schnitzel, Heatstroke, Peanuts, Kilowatt, MC, Manwich, Vespa, MasterPo

Date:  9/22/2022

Q: Schnitzel

Have to marvel at how 10+ PAX can arrive between 0528 and 0530.1.  Awesome temps this morning and half moon hanging upside down in the sky.


…and still nobody has just left, once the discovery that YHC is not a professional.


Predictably, heading over to where RS founding fathers first planted the original shovel flag, replicas have been made since.  Lawn in front of trailers is where we circle for a series of:

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Windmill
  • Penny Pickers
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Imperial Storm Troopers
  • Arm circles – snickering overheard as Q directs ‘a little bigger, a little bigger’.

The Thang

Mosey over to the foyer as starting point of 4 corners, kind of corners, but 4 nonetheless.  First corner is core killers, 2nd dry docks, 3rd squats, 4th LBCs.  Start by doing 5-10-15-20 reps per station, then unwind doing the same number back to the starting point.  Then bump reps by 5 and repeato.  We got to the round where we started with 20 core killers.

A little time was left for some relay races, so 14 divided by 3, er 5, hmmm, YHC decides that 4 teams is good and some stout PAX will have to run twice.  First, the short course, down to the first island and back.  Round 2, all the way down and back.  YHC couldn’t see everybody, but Kilowatt and Detention showing an extra gear, MC doing double duty on the second round- not bad for an OG!  Respect!


Mosey back to our new home for some quick Mary:

  • Mason twist – accelerating count.
  • Low Flutter
  • Low Dolly


Prayers out to backstop.  Mild mannered, good natured kids can sometimes be on the wrong end of bullying.

Prayers to all kids in school, it’s a wacky world out there.


In the absence of Pox’s Box – popular consensus is to post at Skywalker tomorrow – Skybrook golf course, if you haven’t been.  Hills will be involved.  Manwich considering a special Friday edition of Kettle Bells so stay tuned to slack for more details.  Kannon is an option as well.


Good turnout today, fellas, appreciate you all.  Nothing easy about today’s grinder, but there was an MQ who used to say, “we ain’t here for easy”.  That’s a lot of core killers, but hey, have an extra beer tonight, it’s on me.  Good seeing the OG’s out, thinking we should stack a relay team of the OG’s and see how it fares against the young whipper snappers.  Next time…

Thanks for coming, wouldn’t do this by myself.  SYITG.