Death by Big Boy Situp

PAX: RiskyBusiness, Cupid, Squid, BigTuna, Heisenberg, Sir Topham Hat, GrandMaster, The Burgh, ChopSaw, Schnitzel, BackDraft

Date: 9/28/2022

Q: Schnitzel

50 degree morning, perfect for the IPC #4, Death by Skinny Runner.  If YHC had known when he picked this day to Q…

No Disclaimer

Minimal warmup, mosey down to Rooster parking lot, meet up with a few, RiskyBusiness, BigTuna, GrandMaster etc.

Hoping that the ‘featured image’ of this post shows up on the BB somewhere as it was a pain to write down, but then to type it.

Thanks to Squid for revealing easier 400m and 1mile routes than what I had come up with.  400m around perimeter of Rooster and 1 mile run is around the outer loop on the campus, go past The Gem, down Main St and back on the Laureate Way loop.

Well done, all.  Cupid was seen still running the last 1 mile while others were dragging back to their cars.  Hoping he made it around w/o issue.