Author: Schnitzel

Tabata Bells, Tabata Bells, Tabata all the way

Date: 12/20/21 PAX: Detention, Project, Barnabas, Gilligan, Schnitzel Q: Schnitzel A little chill in the air this morning, with full moon lighting up the CB parking lot, this week before Christmas.  YHC rolls in at 05:29:45 with a few 2.0s clowned in.  Project waiting patiently and Detention appears, even after me. Disclaimer Modify as necessary, […]

No Mas a la Mill

Date: 12/17/2021 Pax: Squid, Gunny, Grandmaster, Loafer, Schnitzel Q: Schnitzel A bit warm and muggy this morning, 59 degrees, for 17th of December, but refreshing from the low 30s earlier in the week.  @Loafer arrives at corner at 05:29:59 and we’re off. Warm-A-Rama Mosey down to lot this side of city hall for some: SSH […]

Death March

Balmy 45 degrees this morning, much warmer than the 30 degrees a few days ago. PAX: @Sir Topham Hatt, @Squid, @Gunny, @Loafer, @GrandMaster @Schnitzel Q: @Schnitzel Date: 12/10/2021 Disclaimer Not really, but everybody knows. Warm-a-rama Mosey to dumpsters for: SSH x20 BSN x10 Windmill x10 Tempo Merkins x10 Mountain Climbers x10 IST x10 The Thang […]

Running with Scissors every 7 years

Just about perfect weather this morning, slight chill, with a half moon dangling in the sky, with a celestial circle around it which @Detention was quick to notice and predict the forthcoming rain. All present (at least those who posted) and accounted for at 05:30:20. Disclaimer I am not a professional, liable, responsible, reliable etc. […]

Almost Heaven, Kannon AO

Strong showing for morning reminder that cooler temps are on the way.  Guest Damien from West Virginia, former Huntersville resident been doing F3 for a long time, took it to WV and has a strong showing there too. Disclaimer I’m not a professional. Warm-A-Rama Mosey to the lot on far side of city hall, circle […]

Drizzle of Shnitz-bata

YHC was not expecting the light drizzle this morning.  Temps hovering around 70 and chance of rain hovering around 100, as per 2.0 @Barnabas, I decided to modify planned workout at HRMS for a local and covered beatdown.  Decent sized crowd gathered at 05:29 and we were off shortly thereafter. Disclaimer I’m not a professional, […]

Full house for Ruck and Cruise Nado

Full house posted today, 3 runners and a pair of ruckers (beats a flush, by the way).  Chilly sub-freezing temps but warmed up quickly out on the HRMS track. Disclaimer YHC a little rusty with the disclaimer, but I think point was made.  Be reliable. The Thang LifeAlert, LoveSeat and YHC moseyed over to HRMS […]

Bells and tunes, circa 19?5

Was a bit humid this morning as YHC assembled with Lean Cuisine and Cheerwine, to date were just names on Slack, so real good to put faces to the names.  Manwich, as always, present and accounted for on BellBuster Monday.  Glad some things never change. Disclaimer Disclaimer given, even given PAX opportunity to modify to […]