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Death by Big Boy Situp

PAX: RiskyBusiness, Cupid, Squid, BigTuna, Heisenberg, Sir Topham Hat, GrandMaster, The Burgh, ChopSaw, Schnitzel, BackDraft Date: 9/28/2022 Q: Schnitzel 50 degree morning, perfect for the IPC #4, Death by Skinny Runner.  If YHC had known when he picked this day to Q… No Disclaimer Minimal warmup, mosey down to Rooster parking lot, meet up with […]

No Rain, No Pain – IPC Week 3

Ok, so the no pain is incorrect.  3 pax joined YHC for Week 3 of the Iron Pax Challenge and it went pretty much exactly like this after we moseyed to the track:  The Thango  B the EMOM Set the timer for 2 minutes. Exercises to be done are: 50 Kraken Burpees (3 hand release merkins to a burpee = […]

IPC Week 2 – Crazy 88s – Stoner Edition

9 grown men weren’t skeered and posted for the IPC…we are giving Backstop and All In man-credit for showing up.  It went something like this: 2021 IPC Week 2: “Crazy 88’s” – 4 Rounds for Time Requirements: Football field (sideline to sideline) or some other large area with two parallel lines measured out 160 feet […]

There Goes My Hero

10 Pax came out for Week 3 of the Iron Pax Challenge. YHC knew we’d be short on time so a quick disclaimer was given followed by a short mosey to… Warmarama (IC) SSH x19 Windmill x10 IST x15 Weed Picker x10 The Thang Start with a 400M run (down to cart path intersection and […]

Iron Pax Challenge Week 2

Block layers in training…. Week 2 of the Iron Pax Challenge is a lesson in brick laying in the misty weather. 8 men with the desire to better their health and fitness become intimate with a cinder block for 43 minutes.

Iron Pax Week 2: Buck Flockees

Despite multiple warnings (reminders) on Slack and a video posted to show what the beatdown was going to entail, eight brave souls still entered The Gloom Tuesday to take on Week 2 of the Iron Pax Challenge. The Pax gathered around Ol’ Blue (my truck) for a quick disclaimer before we moseyed around the lot […]

Iron Pax Week 0

After last week’s debacle, YHC made sure he wasn’t going to be late for this edition of the Iron Pax Challenge. Armed with a giant weinke, tunes, a stop watch, and hand sanitizer, I pulled Ol’ Blue into the lot at 5:25, just ahead of @disaster. As I arranged everything, more Pax began to arrive […]

Week 3 challenge at The Dawg House

Friday rolled around so the Iron Pax Challenge was put out there and 15 mighty Dawgs answered the call.  The PAX just kept rolling in and with only 14 blocks one PAX would have to be without (which Spauldini quickly took dibs on).  0530 rolled around so the fun began.  It went something like this………….. […]