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F3 MeCa | November 21, 2019

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No cuttin’ corners

November 13, 2019 |

As this Q got closer the forecasted temps continued to drop and freeze warnings were blasted on the news.  9 Dawgs and a Georgia visitor totally ignored the warmth of the fartsack and came out to get better than the … Read More

It’s been 4 years???

November 5, 2019 | | 5 Comments

As the date approached YHC realized that it had been 4 years since he showed up on a Thursday morning at The Ridge to see what this whole F3 thing was about.  I had been seeking a group setting to … Read More

Those first few steps are the toughest

November 1, 2019 |

On an unusually chilly morn 13 MEN weren’t skeered of the temps and came out to get stronger.  A PAX later pointed out to YHC how on mornings like this those first few steps out of the warm fartsack are … Read More

October Murph

October 28, 2019 |

On the last Monday of October, 9 of the finest in MECA land converged on Stallings Park to pay tribute to a true American hero, Lt. Michael Murphy.  The temps hovered close to 50 but this didn’t keep a brother … Read More


October 17, 2019 |

YHC checked out the temps yesterday and saw that this morning would be in the 40’s so it was time to bring out the warm gear.  These types of mornings takes extra motivation for YHC to get out in the … Read More

What rain??

October 16, 2019 |

As YHC emerged from the fartsack the sound of rain could be heard hitting the roof but YHC knew that this would not scare off the Dawgs.  YHC rolled in the Dawg pen to no other cars in the lot … Read More

Just a little silliness

October 2, 2019 |

10 HIM’s woke up this morning and had the desire to beat the fartsack and better themselves.  They came from all different directions, even the eastern coast of our state, to get some work done.  The clock hit 0530 so … Read More

Just some peak work around Turn 2

September 16, 2019 |

As the clock hit 0530 6, wait check that, 7 beasts decided to start the week off on the right foot.  The PAX was eager to get working so off we went.  It went down like this………



SSH … Read More

Welcome to a new Respect

August 30, 2019 |

Nine of the ‘Burg studs, later joined by a Hollywood triathlete, joined one of the PAX on his Respect birthday.  Escalade was hitting the big 5-0 and we were all just giddy about joining him in celebrating this day.  YHC … Read More

Yes we will do more than jumping jacks

August 24, 2019 |

Due to a schedule change YHC was able to Q a Railyard beatdown so YHC needed to come up with something to challenge the mighty beasts here in the ‘Burg.  There are lots of possibilities at this AO so YHC … Read More