Author: Kojak

Inside voices

10 Mighty Men and YHC met up on a balmy Monday for some Circuit Breaker work.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went and it went kinda like this…..   1/2 mile mosey to show the streets we’d be using for The Thang(thanks for listening JD)   THE THANG PAX used a .3 mile, […]

Lotsa leaping

8 other STUDS joined YHC on the 10th day of the 12 days of Christmas challenge.  The 10th day is lords a leaping so a leaping we would do.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went like this…   WARMUP IST Merkins Windmills Mountain Climbers Seal Claps OH Claps 10 SSH’s between […]

Celebrating YHC’s 8th

9 studs and YHC weren’t skeered of cooler temps and met up for YHC’s 8th F3versary.  The PAX was bursting with anticipation so when the clock hit 0530 off we went.  It went mostly like this……. THE THANG 1 mile run   Use the Hawthorne’s loop for some 4 corners, much like Old Glory which […]


11 dudes joined YHC for a lil of this and a lil of that.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went like this…..   1/3 mile warmup lap   THE THANG Do the following 6 exercises: 1. HR Merkins 2. Jump Squats 3. L’s 4. CDD’s 5. Apollo Ohnos 6. American Hammers […]

Weight or not to weight

9 Gogetters joined YHC for a Monday morning Circuit Breaker.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.   1/2 mile warmup lap   THE THANG RIGHT SQUARE: Start:  30 BW/25 coupon squats 1st corner:  30 Shoulder Taps 2nd corner:  20 Star Jumps 3rd corner:  10 Burpees   LEFT SQUARE: Start:  30 BW/25 coupon Box […]

Shoulda picked a lighter lighter weight

9 Mighty Dudes and YHC posted on this Friday to get stronger.  The PAX was told to bring two different weights.  One heavy and the other not so heavy.  This is how it went.   WARMUP Various exercises   THE THANG 40-30-20-10 reps Start with 40 reps of the following exercises with the heavier weight: […]

RIP Tony Crawford

12 HIM’s joined YHC in honoring a co-worker who was being laid to rest today.  Anthony Crawford was born in NYC 4-25-1953.  The PAX would honor him by not quitting.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went like this…..   WARMUP SSH IST Mericans Penny Pickers THE THANG The PAX did 53 […]

Memorial Day Murph

On this Memorial Day 14 proud Americans gathered in Harrisburg to participate in this most special edition of The Murph.  The clock hit 0530, and after some quick instructions, so off we went.   The Murph 1 mile run 100 pullups 200 push-ups 300 squats 1 mile run   Count-off and Name-a-Rama   COT   […]

A new whiner’s necklace

8 BEASTS read the PB but still decided to show up and join YHC for some Circuit Breaker fun.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went like this…..   THE THANG Run the 1/2 mile loop and grab the 6 before heading over to the back of Hawthorne’s for the main event. […]