Author: Kojak


9 Manly Men, wait make that 10 after a late arrival, joined YHC at Stallings Park to get stronger.  YHC’s son turns 24 today so I figured that would be an acceptable number of reps for these PAX to handle.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went down like this……   WARMUP […]

Mike Tyson returns

On the 2nd day of YHC’s Iron Q 5 other STUDS weren’t afraid of the cold and headed out to The Ridge to see what was in store.  YHC promised it would be worth their time and I hope it was.  The clock hit 0530, disclaimer was given, and off we went.  It went something […]

Trust the Process

12 other dudes joined YHC at the Town Center to help kick off his Iron Q week.  The PAX gathered up and talk about the upcoming beatdown that was posted last night began.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went mostly like this……   Run the Extinction 1/2 mile loop AFAP   […]

Working off that pie

Two other gents joined YHC to throw around some metal on Black Friday.  The rest of the PAX must’ve been at all of the sales.  The clock hit 0530 so we got moving and it went like this….   WARMUP SSH Hillbillies Arm Scissors   THE THANG 15 minute AMRAP’s 1st round 10 Lunge twist […]

Wait I’m the Warbaby???

4 HIM’s joined YHC on this crisp Fall morning at the Dawghouse.  YHC hadn’t posted here in awhile so I was looking forward to leading the PAX.  So before the clock hit 0530 someone said looks like it’ll just be the Respects this morning.  Then YHC realized that I was the only non-Respect there.  This […]

The T

On this pre-hurricane morning 7 HIMs joined YHC at The Ridge to get stronger and faster.  We’ll see how that all ended up.  The clock hit 0530 so off went.  It went something like this……   WARMUP SSH Mountain Climbers IST Windmills   THE THANG The start point was the ticket office and start with […]