Author: Kojak

The T

On this pre-hurricane morning 7 HIMs joined YHC at The Ridge to get stronger and faster.  We’ll see how that all ended up.  The clock hit 0530 so off went.  It went something like this……   WARMUP SSH Mountain Climbers IST Windmills   THE THANG The start point was the ticket office and start with […]

RIP Amway

4 HIMs joined YHC at The Railyard to pay honor to our brother, Amway, who we lost 1 year ago.  No matter how difficult it got these Men would push through to honor him.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went something like this……..   WARMUP SSH IST Plank Jacks Arm Circles […]

No Mike Tysons today

11 other HIM’s joined YHC out in the Gloom and got work in in different ways.  YHC thought he’d add some coupons to the mix, much to the delight of the PAX(well some of them).  The clock hit 0530, and after the last bootcamper joined us, it was off we went.   Extinction Mile(with a […]

Where’s the music??

A total of 14 HIMs joined YHC out in the gloom and got some work done in some type of fashion.  13 of them stuck around to see what YHC could come up with.  It’d been awhile since YHC has led Iron so let’s see how it would go.  It went like this…….   WARMUP […]

They didn’t know what was coming

9 other manly men eventually joined YHC at Town Center to start off their week right.  2 of them opted for running so when the clock 0530 the rest of the PAX stuck around to see what YHC had not posted on Slack the night before.  It went like this…   Extinction Mile   5-10-15-20 […]

Friday the 13th didn’t stop 12 other mighty men from joining YHC in the Gloom.  After some pre-beatdown prep YHC made it back at 0529 to the PAX wondering my location.  After a disclaimer we headed off on a mosey. It went like this……   WARMUP SSH Hillbillies Penny Pickers   THE THANG Count off […]

Just some freestylin’

6 HIMs joined YHC for a freestylin Friday.  3 ruckers, 3 runners, and 1 biker headed off in different directions but all ended up back together at the end.   Count-off and Name-a-Rama   COT PRAYERS —-For Hop Hunter’s aunt, Gepetto’s friends, 14YO with leukemia   PAX:  Spaz(R), Iron City(R), Opie(R), Gepetto(R), Hop Hunter, Peeping […]

Another block lost

10 other dudes joined YHC in the crisp gloom to keep the birthday theme going.  YHC is leading at a different AO each day after his 49th birthday this past weekend.  YHC didn’t think that the temps would almost match his age but figured once we got moving it wouldn’t matter.  The clock hit 0530 […]

April Murph

7 HIMs joined YHC on the last Monday of April to honor Lt. Michael Murphy.  All the PAX were very familiar with the workout so the clock hit 0530 and off we went.   1 mile run 100 pullups 200 Mericans 300 squats 1 mile run   MARY Flutter kicks RBCs   Count-off and Name-a-Rama […]

Your other left

On this April Fool’s Day 13 other MEN showed up at The Dawghouse with the promise of a burpeealooza but soon found out that it was not to be.  The clock hit 0530 and YHC let the PAX know that YHC was the Q for the day so off we went with some possible surprises […]