Healthy Eating Challenge begins tomorrow!!! not too late

Calling all Pax!!

You have made a commitment to no longer fart-sacking, now you are working out in the morning so it is time to make a healthy change to your eating habits!  Starts tomorrow but no matter what, it is never too late to start to eat better.

Healthy Eating Challenge
This is a 6 week program where you eat healthy and eliminate one food type per week (see details below). It will begin on Monday, May 4th. Men are encouraged to comment on Twitter and to track their progress on MyFitnessPal. There will/ be weekly encouragement and suggestions. Additional details will be provided in the backblasts and you can contact Pharaoh for more details.

HC(Hard Commit) below!

Week 1 and every week after…

No Fried Food
No Fast Food (inc. Pizza)
No processed snacks like Potato Chips, Candy Bars, Etc. (a post will be coming with good alternatives)
No Dessert
No Sodas or Sweet Tea
No Cheeses (including shredded, feta, or slices. Get it off your sandwiches and salads)(Cottage cheese will be allowed)
No Cream Based Sauces/Dressings (This Includes Fat Free Options for Ranch, Caesar, Alfredo, Etc.)
This leaves many food and drink items available – no one will go hungry! Just eat/drink better.
You will receive ONE free pass per week – this could be a steak dinner, a pizza, etc. – no carryovers though, the pass can only be used that week – try to use your weekly pass in moderation.
And just so you can plan ahead with groceries, here are the cumulative challenges:
Week 2 (and on) – No Red Meat
Week 3 (and on) – No Breads
Week 4 (and on) – No Pork
Week 5 (and on) – No White Starches (Potatoes, Pastas, White Rice. We’ll talks about substitutes)
Week 6 – No Dairy or Things Cooked in Butter

HC(Hard Commit) below!

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  1. BlindSide

    I am late seeing this, but count me in! Due to an unusually hectic travel schedule, I have not been able to post much, so this the perfect challenge.

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