Tag: Highland Speed

Old School Speed

6, then 7, then 6, then 5 came out for some old school Speed in glorious December weather…. PAX: Pavarotti (Q), Poutine (WD), Skipper, Powerball, Moscow Mule (WB), Shazam, Cat Call =>Follow the leader around AO to the front of RRMS and then partner up The Thang: Middle School Island Partner 1 run around the […]

Old Men’s Cardio

On dry and beautiful Friday July early summer morning, four men of Highlands showed up for what was promised to be “sprint free” cardio workout.  Some interpreted it as “run free” but the record shows “sprint free” only.  A disclaimer was given and off we went. Warm Up: Mosey in front of elementary school with […]

Virtual Q Cardio Ladder

4 did some cardio using a regular, ol’ step ladder…. The Thang: Walk off 10 steps and set up ladder Warm up Run in place, 20 knee touches Run in place, 10 jump squats and rotate Run in place, 10 squat thrusts Repeato LADDER SERIES Round 1 20 mericans, 5 each and run around ladder […]

Cardio 200

A great 8 decided to join a reformed “Speed” Q for a lil’ bit of cardio. It went something like this…. =>Follow the leader around AO to the back of HCE The Thang: Warm up Native American run around the DOT 200M track and then partner up. Partners do a set of the exercises given […]

Cruise Speed

2 laced ’em up and decided to forgo the planned Speed workout for a Cruise. The Thang: Run to Eastfield Run back to HCE Moleskin: Great weather for Speed….er…..a Cruise. Since we only had 2, we decided to just go for a run. When the word got out that folks were stuck with me instead […]

Golf Course Speed

9 Highland speedsters gathered in the gloom this morning for some serious speed. As YHC is set to embark next week on training for the 2019 Charlotte Marathon, Fridays will become an important rest day. So, one more lead before then was in order. A disclaimer was given and away we went. Mosey to main […]