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Gopher’s Hip-Release Broga

Three showed up for some good ole fashioned Broga. Inspired by Gopher’s complaints of “tight hips” this well designed stretch and yoga routine went right to the issue.  We did some standing stretches, some warrior flows, some twists, some hip and leg focused stretches with a few merkins and shoulder-blade merkins thrown in.  It would […]

Stretching DNA

YHC had Q for this morning’s Broga McStretchy Pants.  YHC is definitely NOT an expert in Yoga or proper stretching of any kind so Google proved to be a life saver. Armed with Google results in hand, YHC lead the PAX in a series of stretches by description only.  No pose names were used (not […]

It’s all in the Hips

Four men got up and entered the beautiful 61 degree morning to attend the #smartestworkoutoftheweek.  Mint Hill’s Broga sessions have been a hit and today would not disappoint.  YHC pulled out a routine that would have made any P90X’er proud.  “We are taking care of our hips today boys”, I exclaimed.  0530 came around, a […]

Broga under the lights

Five Pax attended the #smartestworkoutoftheweek at the Vet under the street light in the parking lot.  Looks like the local “pay as you go” group called Gladiator was running a special as there must have been fifteen cars in the lot and they took up one whole section of the parking lot.  How rude.  They […]