Author: Othello

Silent SSH?

Q: @Othello Pax: @Gamma @Bearclaw @Gapper @Mullet @Talladega @DickTracey @Segundo @Constitution Eight weekend-warriors came out to wish YHC well on his last day of Iron Q.  For those who attended all week, dinner is on me!  Since this applied to no one in attendance the consolation prize is coffee. 0650 YHC could see the light […]

Bells’n Balls

Q: @Othello Pax: @Kojak @TarTar @Greenspan @Bearclaw @Battery @Wexler @Smokey @Papajohn @Zin @Clueless @Tbone @Gamma   Twelve manly-men (and YHC) were not afraid of handling a few white balls this Gloom.  Sounds worse than it was as the “balls” in question were golf balls.  Trying to mix it up on a standard HBurg Bells Friday […]


Q: @Othello Pax: @Kojak @Scrum @BanjoBoy @TarTar @SSMinnow @Gapper @Greenspan @Constitution @Escalade @Bearclaw @Bonvoy Eleven studley-studs read the preblast and decided that a day of moderation with YHC was in their best interest.  YHC announced that he would lead some Broga and/or Tabata today as he was feeling the strain of many weeks of BD’s, […]

Running the Loops

Q: Othello Ruckers: @Scrum @BanjoBoy @Hacksaw @Matt(FNG) @Solocup @TarTar @Kojak Runners: @Dr.Lecter @Gamma @Battery @Dudd @SSMinnow @Wexler @Talladega @Exit 54   Fifteen HIM’s (plus YHC) posted for a “run the loops” Road Warrior this gloom.  YHC arrived at 0510 & saw 5 Ruckers gather and head out by 0515.  Rucker Matt(FNG) pulled in at 0520, […]

Reverse Indian What? Audible!

Q: Othello Pax: @Solocup @Bonvoy @TarTar @Escalade @Smokey @Bearclaw @SSMinnow @Wexler @Greenspan @Dr. Lecter Pre-runners: @Wexler @Tbone @Clueless Ten “winners” joined YHC for Iron Q Day 2 at the Ridge. Pretty warm this gloom, a little windy, but a nice morning to get at it!  0525 the Pax start rolling in.  3 minutes to departure, […]

MLK Circuit Breaker

Q:  @Othello Pax: @Gamma @Kojak Two Iron Q studs came out to celebrate MLK with YHC for the first day of his own Iron Q.  The temps were a perfect 28 degrees and at 0530 we went right to work.  Won’t lie, if @Kojak didn’t post, @gamma and I would have mosey’d to an early […]

Pre Happy Hour Calorie Burn

Pax: @Gamma @Hootie @Exit54 @BanjoBoy @Solocup Q: @Othello 5 Stud-cickles came out in the balmy 27 degree gloom to burn a few calories before tonight’s Happy Hour drink-fest at Percent Tap House.  We began with a lousy disclaimer by YHC and then preceded with a little… Warm-O-Rama SSH x10 IC IST x10 IC Windmill x10 […]


Q: Othello Pax:  @Gamma @Goldrush @Misfire @DT @Constitution @Talladega Six Turkeybowl MVP’s hit the gridiron for a morning of drills in the damp fog.  The team was great, their coach (YHC) not so much.  Word has his salary has been cut and he has now been demoted to “waterboy.” Looked like there were no Bull-run […]


Pax:  @Peppa @Goldrush @Wexler @SSMinnow Q: Othello YHC took the Q at the last minute request from @Hacksaw.  Not sure what he was going to do, he posted a lame a$$ pre-blast.  Did he have an idea? Yes.  Did he know it was going to work? Hell no.  Here is how it went down… 0500 […]