Author: Othello

The Pitchfork

Pax: @Exit54 @Maddog @Clueless @Wexler @Tbone @Pharoah @HopHunter @PapaJohn @Bonvoy @Battery @Bearclaw @Geppetto @Dr.Lecter @Zin QIC: @Othello FNG’s: 0 Count: 15 YHC posted a preblast the night before stating temps would be around 66, there will be a large BRR contingent in the gloom, and that I would be there at 0500 for a pre-run-warm-up […]

Disk Golf from Hell!

Pax:  @Talladega, @Constitution, @Magic Mike, @ Zin, @Misfire Q: Othello 0600 YHC arrives and scopes out the Disk Golf course never having played there before. 0610 YHC takes off on modified Bull Run, alone.  Very sad. 0650 YHC arrives back to find…no one there…yet 0655 Pax start to make their way. 0657 Question heard, “Do […]

Prepping for the “cool down”

Prerunners: @Talladega-6.5miles Pax: @Solocup, @Oz, @DT, @Bearclaw, @Mullet, @Escalade, @Constitution, @Talladega YHC: @Othello 8 HIM’s (plus YHC) ventured to the Railyard for a beautiful morning BD.  Temps were perfect, humidity in check, Pax started rolling in by 0655.  At 0700 YHC performed a lousy disclaimer, then looked over to his left and noticed a long […]

Playing With My Balls

Pax: @Clueless, @Exit54, @PapaJohn, @Bearclaw, @Smokey, @Hacksaw 7 HIM’s got up and entered the foggy/misty gloom to make themselves stronger before the weekend ahead.  Kudos to @Clueless for the pre-run. YHC posted a preblast the night before indicating he would have a pack of shuffled “Go-Fish” cards at the ready.  Change of plans at the […]

The Burg 5K Training – Last Call!

11 Harrisburg 5K trainees… @Dick Tracey, @Deadhead, @Birdcage, @Escalade, @Gamma, @SSMinnow, @10cent, @Tbone, @F3Clueless @Wexler and @Othello (YHC) …took to the streets this morning for a jaunt over to the Park in an effort to “test drive” the Harrisburg 5K route one last time before the big event this Saturday.  Various forms of modification took […]

Practice Your Curtsy

13 brothers came out in the gloom to support YHC for his first Q since revisiting the Burg.  All were better for it, some even got a lesson on how to curtsy (more later).  It went something like this… Lousy Disclaimer Asked Wexler and Kojak to be my “sweepers” for the six Warm-O-Rama SSH x10 […]

Gremlin 2022 Preblast

4th annual CSAUP event named in honor of our departed brother, GREMLIN When: Saturday, January 15, 2022 0600 – 1200 – Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold 0530 – Arrive/Sign-in 0600-1200: The Thang 1200-?: Recover-Recover, Refreshments, 2nd F Where:  Veterans Memorial Park, Mint Hill, NC Why: Gremlin passed away after a F3 Mint Hill running workout […]

Gun Day

YHC had the Q and in the spirit of The Body, had everyone wear their “Gun” Shirts (aka sleeveless).  At 0529, YHC said a very lousy disclaimer and by 0530, with 9 pax in hand, we began with a little… Warm-O-Rama SSHx15 IC Gpa Jacksx10 IC Windmillx10 IC LSSx10 IC LSMx10 IC 10 Burprees OYO […]

I’m on Q?

As if the Othello family did not have enough going on in their lives right now, YHC missed seeing the Slack post indicating he was on Q today.  it went like this: 0500-YHC enters car and thinks, “who is on Q today?” 0515-YHC arrives and sees 2 other Pax. 0520-YHC gets out of car to […]