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Fun Run around Town Center

Pax: @UncleFloyd @MadDog @Goldrush @SaltyDog @Talladega @Starsky @Deadhead @Constitution @Gilmore @VanceMcgee @Zin Q: @Othello 12 Him’s started the day with a Fun Run around HBurg Town Center @ 0530. We first ran the 2 mile loop, then the Extinction Mile, then the 1/2 mile, then the 1/3 mile, then the 1/4 mile loop. If time […]

Road Runnin’ Sizzle in the Drizzle

04/10/24 AO: #f3Harrisburg PAX: @talledega, @saltydog, @Zin, @UncleFloyd, @Maddog Broga @Constitution, @Gapper Q: @UncleFloyd Count: 7 FNGs: 0 Announcements: Harrisburg “Run the Burg” on April 20, others in the weekly email Prayer & Praise: Continued prayer for @maddog’s wife, @Zin’s father-in-law, and Harper, @Zin’s daughter’s softball friend, who may need hip surgery (she’s 10), and […]

Singing in the Rain

Date: 04/06/24 AO: Harrisburg PAX: @Firebrand, @UncleFloyd Q: Uncle Floyd Count: 2 Two PAX cruised through some Harrisburg neighborhoods and traversed up and down some hills for about 3.5 miles, dodging their way through some light rain and mumble-chatter. COT Lifting up @Firebrand’s friend, Gabe, who is recovering from a car accident. Praise for Escalade’s […]

To Extinction, and Beyond

A team of nine journeyed through the extinction loop. Nine went in, 16 came out! PAX: Exit 54, Uncle Floyd, Kojak, Salty Dog, Mad Dog, Constitution, Othello, Gilmore, Gold Rush, Scrum, Firebrand, Talladega, Dr. Lector, Solo Cup, Gamma, JD Q: Gold Rush The Route Main Street to Kee Lane Town Center Rd to Carl Parmer […]

Watch Your Footing

Nine men explored new roads in the ‘Burg. Five ruckers went their way… DATE: 02/07/24 PAX: Zin, Talladega, Salty Dog, Uncle Floyd, Constitution, Magic Mike, Gilmore, FireBrand, Hacksaw, Scrum, Kojak, Gamma, Gapper, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54 THE ROUTE: Take the long way around Town Center (Carl Parmer to 49) Right on 49, cross at […]

Light Speed In The Millennium Falcon

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 – Harrisburg Town Center Thirteen HIMs of Harrisburg gathered on this misty but relatively warm (mid 40’s) winter morning to put one foot in front of the other repeatedly for about 40 minutes to get a little better.  Reviewed the route at 5:29 and started our mosey at 5:30. The Thang: […]

Wind Tunnels

DATE: 01/10/24 PAX: Gamma, Kojak, Starsky, Oz, Firebrand, SheepDog, SaltyDog, MadDog, Gilmore, Othello, Constitution, MagicMike, Zin, Talladega, Exit54 QIC: Exit54   Fifteen PAX shook off Mother Nature and got after it for some Town Center laps… THE ROUTE: Lap 1: Head east down Main, L on Town Hall Pl, R on Town Center, L on […]

Three French Hens

Q:  @Othello Pax: @Exit54 @Talladega @SaltyDog @Solocup @Gamma   Six Pax made themselves better by taking the DRP and entering the frosty 29degree gloom for a little Road Warrior.  Tasked with designing a themed run around the 12 Days of Christmas, YHC was assigned the “Three French Hens”. To keep it simple, we will run […]

Happy Hill-A-Days!

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 – Harrisburg Town Center Nine of F3 MeCa’s swiftest gathered in the post-rain-humid-upper-30-degree weather to let fate determine their weekly running beatdown.  Heads we venture over to Harris Depot for some hill work and tails we do longer distance down Shamrock road and back.  Quarter was flipped, heads it was, 5:30 […]