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Gotta keep moving

Note to self- sign up to lead prior to checking the weather forecast.  No need to give yourself a way out just because it’s going to be cold.  That said, seeing that it was supposed to be 20 or 22 deg was alarming but whatever.  Very thankful that guys showed up to join me for […]

Slaute our Veterans

Q: @Othello Pax: @Misfire @SSMinnow @Constitution A gloomy, rainy and cold start to the morning did not deter 3 fine individuals from coming out at 0700 to help YHC celebrate our Veterans.  We had 3 pre-runners for the Bull Run but they did not stay for the BD. At the top of the hour, YCH […]

Post Leg Day Blues

Date: 09/16/23 Workout: The Rail Yard Pax: Deadhead, Mullet, Zin, SS Minnow, Misfire, Talladega, Goldrush, Firebrand, Teen Spirit, Constitution, Gamma QIC: Gamma 11 of Harrisburg’s finest chose to better themselves this morning. The rest made other choices… #disclaimer Warm-up Stretch out the legs, because Red Tape is mean SSHs x10 Slow Air Squats x5 Down […]

Disc-o Golf

Pax: @Gamma @UncleFloyd @Misfire @Mullet @Talladega QIC: @Othello 5 “Disc-o ducks” met YHC for a Frisbee Golf Railyard experience in preparation of @Exit54’s Ultimate Frisbee BD scheduled for next week.  YHC arrived at 0645 to see a few pre-runner vehicles waiting for their owners to return.  At 0650 a few Pax started to roll in […]

Park Tour

Saturday, June 24th, 2023 – Harrisburg Park (aka The Rail Yard) Ten of Harrisburg’s studs (to steal a term from @Solocup) gathered on this warm and humid summer morning to put in an hours worth of work to try to get a little better.  We said hello and goodbye to the Bull Runners coming in […]

Close Enough

9 studs of Harrisburg got in a solid 57 minute workout before the sky opened up and the lightening started. If only the soccer officials thought of that… #disclaimer Warm-up Mosey up the road and down the stairs SSHs x15 ISTs x 10 Squats x5 Main Event Monster Mile – two laps around the track, […]

Death by Ladders

It was a late night for YHC but a plan is a plan.  A total of 9 PAX headed out on a beautiful Feb morning to hit the Railyard.  Here’s how it went. Zin and I watched in amusement as Mullet and Deadhead ran a lap around the track BEFORE the beatdown started.   #overachievers […]


Date: 02/11/23 Pax: Kojak, SSMinnow, Bear Claw, Mullet, Minion, Talladega, Gamma QIC: Gamma Seven weren’t afraid of a little upper body work at the playground. #disclaimer Warm-Up SSHs x15 Low Slow Squats x10 1/4 jog around the track Yurpee with some stretches mixed in Mountain Climbers x15 Up to the playground 10 Pull-Ups 10 Wide […]