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Death by Ladders

It was a late night for YHC but a plan is a plan.  A total of 9 PAX headed out on a beautiful Feb morning to hit the Railyard.  Here’s how it went. Zin and I watched in amusement as Mullet and Deadhead ran a lap around the track BEFORE the beatdown started.   #overachievers […]


Date: 02/11/23 Pax: Kojak, SSMinnow, Bear Claw, Mullet, Minion, Talladega, Gamma QIC: Gamma Seven weren’t afraid of a little upper body work at the playground. #disclaimer Warm-Up SSHs x15 Low Slow Squats x10 1/4 jog around the track Yurpee with some stretches mixed in Mountain Climbers x15 Up to the playground 10 Pull-Ups 10 Wide […]

Frozen Rope – not just a baseball term anymore

Date: 02/04/23 Pax: Battery, Zin, DT, Minion, Constitution, Talladega, Escalade, Gamma QIC: Gamma Eight men who couldn’t make The Gremlin still honored the man by giving their all, as Champions would. #disclaimer Warm-up lap around the 1/2 track, with four stops for: SSHs x15 Yurpees/Stretches Low Slow Air Squats x10 Mountain Climbers x10 Then up […]

It’s over

8 HIM’s joined YHC on the final day of his Iron Q week.  YHC was worn out and ready to get the week over.  YHC is very honored and humbled by all the PAX that came out to support me this week.  Just so you all know it is VERY much appreciated.  The clock hit […]

Silent SSH?

Q: @Othello Pax: @Gamma @Bearclaw @Gapper @Mullet @Talladega @DickTracey @Segundo @Constitution Eight weekend-warriors came out to wish YHC well on his last day of Iron Q.  For those who attended all week, dinner is on me!  Since this applied to no one in attendance the consolation prize is coffee. 0650 YHC could see the light […]

Iron Q Day 6: B.L.I.M.P.S.

3 studs chose not to take the easy way out with the Mt Afton Challenge and joined YHC on the final day of his Iron Q. Here’s how it all went down: PAX: Escalade, Constitution, Dick Tracy, Solo Cup Q: Solo Cup Warm Up Slow mosey to the entrance to Z-Max Blvd SSH x 15 […]

It is Finished

Date: 01/07/03 Pax: Othello, Segundo, Escalade, Bear Claw, Mullet, Zin, SS Minnow, Talladega, Constitution, Solo Cup, DT, Gamma QIC: Gamma 12 studs came out for one last workout before the weekend festivities. Could’ve been 13, but the 4th Best Running Coach in Harrisburg showed up, said he didn’t want to run anymore, then left. Warm-up […]

The Boxer

Date: 12/10/22 Pax: Mullet, Mad Dog, Sugar, SS Minnow, Deadhead, Gamma QIC: Gamma Six came out to (unknowingly) celebrate Percent’s four-year anniversary by doing some of the things the Q called out. Warm-up 1/4 mile run around the track Slow Yurpees/Mericans Mountain Climbers x15 Couple more Yurpees/Mericans Low Slow Squats x5 1/4 mile run the […]


Q: Othello Pax:  @Gamma @Goldrush @Misfire @DT @Constitution @Talladega Six Turkeybowl MVP’s hit the gridiron for a morning of drills in the damp fog.  The team was great, their coach (YHC) not so much.  Word has his salary has been cut and he has now been demoted to “waterboy.” Looked like there were no Bull-run […]