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Mettle by P-Squared

YHC noticed the Highlands Mettle SUG was empty late-Sunday.  All it took was one digital feeler on Slack and responses by @Poutine and @ManDown (plus @Candy) to recognize there would be PAX in attendance.  Some conspiring occurred between @Poutine and YHC and a preblast was posted. In total, nine PAX chose to open their week […]

2021 Highlands All-Star Race Mettle Beatdown

An early-Sunday check of the SUG by YHC noticed that there was no Q for Mettle.  As a result, a decision was made and a Twitter Preblast ensued. A couple of quick HC’s via Slack ensured there would be some attendance; Nine total PAX came together to join today’s “event.” Last night’s NASCAR All-Star Race […]

Reps of 15 on the 15th…Again

Upon arrival to the Sports Club, a surprised locked gate threw off YHC, @Murdock, @Hugo, and Co. Yet, @Murdock had the wherewithal to actually check to see if the gate was locked or under the impression of being locked. It was the latter.  This Principal was disappointed he didn’t put forth more effort to check, […]

Reps of 15 on the 15th

Through some advance planning, YHC put a feeling on Slack about the possibility of a President’s Day later start time of 0630, which actually was initiated in a post-Gremlin conversation with @Chowder (to which he clearly cannot recall).  @Poutine and @Illuminati replied with an interest and there were no voiced objections. While there was an […]

Honoring MLK at Highlands Mettle

After some collaboration and discussion throughout the weekend, YHC was supported in shifting this Mettle to a special time of 0630 with a preblast posted via Twitter. Today marks the 35th anniversary of the federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  The holiday was signed into law in 1983 and was first […]