Welcome 20-22 Highlands Mettle Style

5 MEN showed up today for Monday Morning Mettle at the Highlands. The weather was cold, windy and rainy… what a great way to start the week and a great way to kick-off Day 1 of my first Iron Q. After a quick disclaimer, we welcomed 2022 with the following:

Mosey around the parking lot
19 SSH, 15 Squats, 10 KB Side Lunges, 10 KB Bob and Weaves, 10 KB Sling shots

The Thang 20-22 with Burpee Accumulators
20 KB Squats
22 KB Upright Rows
1 Burpee

20 KB Swings
22 KB Lawnmowers, 11 each arm
2 Burpees

20 KB Skull Crushers
22 KB Curls
3 Burpees

20 KB Squat Thrusters
22 KB Walking Lunges 11 out and 11 back
4 Burpees

20 KB Single-arm Overhead Press (10 each arm)
22 KB Halos (11 each direction)
5 Burpees

20 KB Double-tap Sit-ups
22 KB Sit-up to Press
6 Burpees

20 KB Chest Press
22 KB Freddy Mercs
7 Burpees

Repeato till time keeping up with the Burpee Accumulators. PAX worked up to 8 sets and 8 Burpees… good work men!

Mary – we went around the circle with each PAX choosing their fav…
KB low flutters
Pretzel Crunch


Mount Afton Run/Walk/Ruck Challenge on Jan 8th 8am Afton Park. They are raising money for mental illness. It is the official Highlands service project for the month so please make an effort to attend and donate.

The 2022 Gremlin is on Jan 15th in Mint Hill (NOT UNCC).

Prayers for everyone struggling with health issues, and their support system. Thank you Father for the strength to do your will everyday!

As always, it was an honor to lead this fine group of men.


Slackblast! Welcome 2022 Highlands Monday Mettle
Date: 01/03/22
Pax: @Gordo @Moscow Mule @Disaster @Lincoln @Snowsuit
FNGs: 0
Count: 5

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