Author: Winnebago

Training for the F3 Heavy Heavy and other extreme endurance events from someone who has been there and done that

Below is an outline of training for the F3 Heavy Heavy which will be April 6-8 2017 in Wilmington. The author is John Steele who is likely the most patched GRT ever, who has completed the first HH and the first HHH. If you are interested in participating follow the link below for details. […]

Minutes to Win It

20 dudes from Highlands and Skywalker AOs locked shields for a Kotter Q. Mosey around parking lot to entrance of RRMS Warmup SSH x 20 IC Arm Circles Cotton Pickers x 15 IC PT Test 2 mins Merkin 2 mins Sit Ups Mosey to bus lot Line up at far BB Ball Goal Suicide 1st […]

This is Dumb

17 Dudes showed up @HCES some heard what we were doing some did not only Shazam and YHC were the only vets of the Sharknado, experience won’t help so we got after it Sharknado!!  (all exercises are single count) 15 burpees Run around park (approx 0.15 miles) 20 diamond merkins Run around park 20 WWII […]

Chest Day

27? of Highlands Gloom Warriors posted in an extra gloomy morning for what would become chest day. Mosey to Bus Lot SSHx 20 Cotton Pickers x 15 Arm Circles Circle Merkin x 7 rounds. With 27? that was some work Mosey to Guard Rail split into 2 groups. 2 teams on opposite ends of guard […]

‘That was the least creative workout in recent memory’

18 Dudes must not have not known about @Kato’s 2 year anniversary beatdown going on down the road because they showed up at 5:30 or earlier at the Highlands. YHC came in inconspicuous so @Gump thought he snagged a free Q. To copy Lee Corso “not so fast my friend” Mosey to bus lot and […]