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Who brings an FNG to El Dorado???

Four PAX – including a 15-year old FNG – for a brutally-hot and humid North Deck incursion… Run to the North Deck – Beginning at the bottom of Stairway to Heaven, run up two flights, do 20 hand-release merkens Run up two more flights, 20 180-degree jump squats Run to the top, 30 bench dips […]

The Vern Lived Up To Its Billing

Six MECA over-achievers took on the second running of The Vern at El Dorado on this bright moon-lit morning. After a brisk run to the North Deck, that always gets the blood flowing, it was on to The Vern challenge. Those new to The Vern quickly learned what is was, and what it was was […]

EL Dorado D-DAY Memorial WOD

8 of Mecas Finest including one FNG made the best decision they would make today and get their day started with an epic Beatdown to honor the hero’s of D-Day. The Thang: 1 Mile Run to Stairway to Heaven. Attempt to climb 1944 stairs. (19 trips up stairway to heaven plus 31 additional steps) This […]