Chest Day

27? of Highlands Gloom Warriors posted in an extra gloomy morning for what would become chest day.

Mosey to Bus Lot

SSHx 20

Cotton Pickers x 15

Arm Circles

Circle Merkin x 7 rounds. With 27? that was some work

Mosey to Guard Rail split into 2 groups.

2 teams on opposite ends of guard rail plank walk and meet in the middle (apparently @Nanny was not very firm in his instruction because Team 1 with me went about 60 feet and the other team went about 7)

Mosey to Cack a lacka Choo Choo tracks near fire station

Do a Merkin every time someone jumps over you

Lunge walk to sign posts

Plank up for Choo Choo again with merkin

Mosey back to Fire Station

Indian Runs back to guard Rail

Walking plank with Derkins

Mosey to Back wall

Peoples Chair with Air Press x 25

Balls to the Wall

Mosey back to middle lot

Iron Cross til failure (I believe @Smokey was the winner)

Mason Twist x 25 courtesy of @Nanny

Freddie Mercury courtesy of @Gulfstream

Closing by @Alcatraz

– Lots of Planking and Merkins today hope you felt the pump

– A lot of fresh faces today, 3 Pax I had never seen before. Welcome!

– @Derby I guess the only good day for a weight vest is leg day. But I respect that. If you want a ruck let me know I will bring it. Just don’t open it. Leave the weight a mystery.

– It is always a pleasure and I mean that. If you have been around for awhile and haven’t Q’d do it. It will make an impact on you.

– Please remember @Colonel Mustard and @Tomlin (Highlands pax in Dallas) both are going through some things.

7 thoughts on “Chest Day

  1. Gordo

    Great workout @winnebego!

    @derby – sorry for harassing while we did the guard rail plank walk!

  2. Winnebago Post author

    I think I missed a few PAX. We had some early outs which threw my count off. If I missed you please sound off and accept my apologies.

  3. The Nanny

    @Bago Circle merk with 27 is tough. Doing it 7 times (is that really all we did??) feels like an eternity. Had some burning in the shoulders from that. For the record, the downrange group were doing as instructed – to plank walk down the guard rail. It was just…you know….kind of hard…and…the segment of rail between us was like 2 miles long…. Also, hated the repeato on the cack-a-lack-a chu-chu. That was a lot of jumping….and merkins….

    For the record, the spirit rock out back of HCES is NOT good for Peoples Chair as @Alcatraz and I discovered – he made the point of that slick painted surface not providing any “surface tension.” However it rocks (see what I did there) for balls to the wall since you can hang your feet over the top and hold up a bunch of your weight…not that I did that….

    For our next Iron Cross competition we need some form guidelines. We had extreme variation around the pax.

    1. Winnebago Post author

      Agreed acceptable form must be outlined. I will let @Charmin lay the ground rules

  4. Alcatraz

    @Winnebago – there is something to be said for being all in and creating a visual representation of your F3 name, but(t)… #WrongSideOfCOT #TryingToForget #GladGrinderHasNoVisual

  5. Grinder

    The 2nd choo choo was definitely painful. Like @TheNanny, my feet also found a little ledge for BTTW- made me feel like a really tired, sweaty bat.

    @Alcatraz, just for the record, I grind metal, not people… #NotThatKindOfMensGroup

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