This is Dumb

17 Dudes showed up @HCES some heard what we were doing some did not only Shazam and YHC were the only vets of the Sharknado, experience won’t help so we got after it

Sharknado!!  (all exercises are single count)

  • 15 burpees
  • Run around park (approx 0.15 miles)
  • 20 diamond merkins
  • Run around park
  • 20 WWII sit-ups
  • Run around park
  • 20 merkins
  • Run around park
  • 20 scorpion dry-docks
  • Run around park


Bootstrap Low Slow Dolly x 20 IC

J-Lo Homer to Marge (who’s on top?)

Total of 75 burpees, 100 diamond merkins, 100 WWII sit-ups, 100 merkins, 100 scorpion dry-docks and 3.125 miles of running if you complete all rounds

– Very quiet this morning even @Chopper

– Hats off to J-Lo he stealthy went by YHC and before I knew it he built a lead that wouldn’t be relinquished

– @Tin Man had something to prove today he was on my heels the whole time and pushed me harder when I wanted to back it down

– Between the disclaimer and explanation and calling time for getting back to the cars we went about 35 minutes, I am certain we would had multiple finishers if we went a full 45, might have gotten ugly though

– @Derby never pulls the rip cord on the weight vest. I know you had to have felt it today between the weight and the extra heat it brings Strong Work!

-All Around Great Work by all

3 thoughts on “This is Dumb

  1. Shazam

    @Winnebago – nothing like going to be the night before knowing that Sharknado is waiting in the gloom. That definitely sucked.

    Impressive effort all around. Would have been easy to quit, but saw guys like @Conchito and @SandMan gutting it out. T-claps to all.

  2. Winnebago Post author

    Aye it was worse than I remember. Thought about hitting the quit button about every 2 minutes. Seeing everyone else kept me going period. and @Tin Man waiting for me to crack so he could pass kept me going hard.

  3. Charmin

    @ Winnebago – That workout sucked more than the movie. Not the workout you want to do when you wake up with a headache. Was feeling it all day….

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