‘That was the least creative workout in recent memory’

18 Dudes must not have not known about @Kato’s 2 year anniversary beatdown going on down the road because they showed up at 5:30 or earlier at the Highlands. YHC came in inconspicuous so @Gump thought he snagged a free Q. To copy Lee Corso “not so fast my friend”

Mosey to bus lot and around the 200M loop just for fun


Cotton Pickers x15 IC

Windmill x 15 IC

Short Mosey to playground

That old sassy lady Chelsea came to party

5 x pullups

10 x Merkins

15 x Air Squat

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)

30 rounds

2 minute recovery breaks awarded after rounds 10 and 20, 1 minute recovery awarded after rounds 15 and 25

Slow jog/walk back to middle lot.

No time for Mary


-If you did every rep 150 pullups, 300 Merkins and 450 squats, it is Chippendale season (aka shirts off) gotta get ready

-That was an ass kicker, only way it isn’t, is if you are not giving it your all

-To the newer guys, way to keep in there. It was  a tough workout but doing what you can will still bring results

– Today was the sweatiest I have been in nearly 8 months, man I hate the gloom in the summer give me 20 degrees over 75 any day

-To @Gump it is spot on true that I am not very creative with SOME of my Q’s and I am okay with that. BUT I will say I have done some elaborate Qs before and will do them again just not today. For the record it in no way bothered me that you said that, I embrace it.

-Thanks for the close out @Alcatraz

5 thoughts on “‘That was the least creative workout in recent memory’

  1. The Nanny

    @Winnebago Looks like trying to avoid the #Horseshoe at Rolling Stone by staying close to the ranch in Highlands would have traded one smorgasbord of pain for another…

  2. Grinder

    That was a pretty grueling 30 sets… thankfully I learned how to peck my keyboard with my nose like a chicken so the fact that I can’t move my upper body today is a non-issue.

    1. Winnebago Post author

      I feel you @Grinder after set 15 I really felt it. Added the breaks as I felt it was necessary for everyone. 2.2 made me carry him while mowing the lawn tonight and that was brutal.

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