Author: Manwich

Preblast no burpees or bear crawls and they will come!

12 Pax arrived in the gloom to see if YHC would deliver on his promise of no burpees or bear crawls.  Professional version of the disclaimer was read. WARM-A-RAMA: Circle up for 15 SSH IC.  We slow moseyed over to the middle school rock and circled up for 10 WM IC, 10 Penny Pickers IC, […]

Three in the wet gloom this morning but we stayed dry under the school’s portico. Disclaimer read.  Let’s get after it! WARM-A-RAMA: Jog down and back, but kickers, high knees, side shuffle, carioca, toy soldiers, walking lunges.  Circle up 10 seal jacks IC, 10 SSS IC, 10 WM IC, 10 Hillbillies IC, 10 tempo squats, […]