On the fly

Date:  8/4/22

Pax:  Kilowatt, Peanuts, Soprano, LoveSeat, Heatstroke, Clickbait, FNG Alex, Detention, Pox, Schnitzel, Manwich

QIC:  Manwich

1 Pax in the gloom on another hot summer morning. Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began.

Circle up in place:  10 SSH IC, all Pax side shuffle CCW 360 degrees, 10SSH IC, side shuffle 360 degrees CW, 10 WM IC, 10 Penny Pickers IC, 10 IST IC. Recover

Thing 1:  People’s chair

Pax lined up against the wall in PC.  20 AP’s IC, 5 wall jump ups OYO, 10 Can cans IC.  Recover

Thing 2:  11’s
Mosey to the small hill by the rock at the middle school.  10:1 ladder starting w/ 1 merkin at the bottom, run up to top of hill, 10 Bobby Hurley’s w/ ground slap.  Repeated until 10:1 complete.  Recover

Thing 3:  Rock Pile of Pain:

Pax grabbed a rock then circled up in under the street light in the parking lot.

10 Reps, 3 Sets of Rock Curls IC with 10 WWII sit-ups in between sets.

Hold Plank – Up-Downs 3 rounds

10 Reps, 3 Sets of Rock Squats IC w/ 10 Carolina Dry Docks in between sets.

Hold Plank – Left arm up, Right arm up

10 Reps, 3 Sets of Rock Presses IC w/ 10 Pickle Pokers in between sets.

Hold Plank – Shoulder taps


Moseyed back towards the AO stopping along the sidewalk for 10 monkey humpers IC.

Circled up in the AO parking lot:  10 AH’s IC, 20 LBC’s IC, 20 LF’s IC, 10 W’s IC, 10 FM’s IC, 20 seconds of grattitude, 10 second plank.  Recover! Recover!


  • Great job out there today gentlemen.  Solid work.
  • Inaugural monthly Saturday beatdown starts this Sat at Odell Primary at 0700.  Coffeteria in the parking lot after.  Headlock some FNG’s and Cotters.
  • Prayers for teachers and students for the upcoming school year. Prayers for our nation, military, medical professionals, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders.

-Always give thanks!  SYITG