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HotWheels Doesn’t Like Surprises

HotWheels inquired with The Blip last night to see what was on tap for today’s Q. The Blip replied that he wanted to keep it a surprise which he thinks scared HotWheels away as he was a no-show. In honor of The Blip’s 2-year F3 anniversary, 3 PAX joined YHC for the following. One of […]


2 HIMs joined The Illustrious Blip this morning for some fun with ladders. It went as follows: SSH – 40 windmill – 10 penny picker – 10 hillbilly – 10 Mosey around church building, stopping for burpees – 10 squats – 30 merkins – 30 ladder #1 (6×1, pull-ups & burpees) ladder #2 (5×20, brick […]

Tradition-December 3

4 HIMs joined YHC for a chilly morning workout. It went as follows: SSH x20 Windmill x10 Penny Picker x10 Imperial Storm Trooper x10 Hillbillies x10 Merkins 10×5 7 of Diamonds – Run around the church building, stopping at each corner to perform the following: Round 1 – 7 merkins Round 2 – 14 WW2 […]

Nature Wins

While this day was meant to be a glorious celebration of all things The Blip, Mother Nature had other ideas (bitch). The lightest of rains is all that it took to keep PAX confined to their homes. This left Stash as the only victim of The Blip’s birthday beatdown affectionately titled Merkin Madness. Slaughter Starter […]

September 3 at Tradition

3 PAX joined YHC for a light workout. It went a little something like this. SSH x15 Penny Picker x15 Windmill x15 Imperial Storm Trooper x10 Merkin mile [(1/4 mile run + 25 merkins)x4] 7 of Diamonds – For the first round, 7 burpees at each of the 4 corners of the church with a […]

August 27 at The Lake

5 PAX joined YHC for a glorious morning at The Lake. A stroll was made down to The Shoppes (with a stop at Monkey Humper Island, of course) where the HIMs enjoyed a modified version of The Spartan. The full morning’s events breakdown as follow: SSH x20 Windmill x15 Penny Picker x15 Imperial Storm Trooper […]

Not Enough Merkins

3 HIMs joined YHC for a humid Tuesday morning at The Lake. The beatdown went a little something like this: SSH x30 Penny Picker x15 Imperial Storm Trooper x15 Hill Billy x15 Timed merkins (as many as possible in 2 mins) Timed LBC (as many as possible in 2 mins) Mosey to Monkey Humper Island […]

The Blip to the Rescue!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, R2D2 had to leave for the Dagobah system and was unable to attend his scheduled Q. Being the nice guy that he is, The Illustrious Blip stepped in to lead 5 HIMs in a light beatdown. Which was much better for them given that R2’s workouts are notoriously weak… It went […]