Author: anvil

Burpees and Herpes

When: 1/14/23  QIC: Neverland The PAX: Goony, Scooter, Spud, Mountie, Homeland, Tombstone ,El Ab, Marlboro, Hops, Total Package 10 Pax+ Q showed up with a promise of staying together and talking $#!*. Java curiously did not. Warm up  Mosey to back of Truist lot SSH x 20 IST x 15 Mtn Climbers x 10 Arm circles Thang: […]

Elementary school school bus

When: 1/11/23 Q: Luthor Pax: Frostbite; Popeye; LMU; Tombstone; Firechicken; Sandtrap; Private Ryan; Spud; Checkmate; El Ab; Ace; Gooney; Buzzkill; Finishline; Brickyard; Loveboat; Skinner; Mountie; 19 men showed up to a chilly, but acceptable January morning. Great to see everyone and missed the ones that couldn’t make it. Warm up: Mosey to the Q’s office […]

Because the people demand it

F3 Concord 1.10.23 AO:  All Tha Saints Episcopal Chapel Q:  LMU Pax:  Gooney, Popeye, the 1 & only Psycho T, El Ab, Hippie Hop, Luthor, TSstone, Marlboro, Scooter, Brickyard, DeerTick, Hip, Fire Chicken 14 of Concords finest went to bed shortly after halftime of a balow-out of a national college football championship and paid heed […]

The To Go Saturday

Sat 12/3/22 Q:          Neverland AO:        OCT PAX:      Scooter, Java, Homeland, Catfish, Tombstone, Fire Chicken, Mayhem 6 men of Concord and Tombstone joined the Q, proving themselves better than most who chose to sleep off their festival nog. Mosey to Truist lot for Warmup: SSH x 20 ISTs x 20 Mtn. Climbers x 10 […]

F-N-Gee, where is he?

PAX  Voltron Tombstone Spud Catfish Java Psycho Marlboro Hip Firechicken Sandtrap Bozeman El Ab Hops Deertick Indy Finish Line Neverland Homeland Mayweather  Everyone on earth EXCEPT the FNG showed up to welcome the FNG this morning.  WARM UP  The ONLY warm up.  SSH x20ic Hillbillies x10ic Loose change x5ic Arm circles forward and back  Standard innuendo from Tombstone, grunts and groans from everyone else   Lower Lot, 10-1 Ladder V ups Merkins […]

Concord’s World Cup

AO:  OCT PAX: Spud, PsychoT, Marlboro, Mountie, Catfish, Luther, Tombstone, Java, Popeye Scooter 10 showed up to the new deck to stay out of the rain. Warm-up: x15 SSH arm circles x10 mericans Thang : Break into two teams. Play the soccer version of H-O-R-S-E but where you spell G-O-A-L Exercises in-between. The loser of […]

Hardees for the Win

When: 11.29.22   QIC: Bozeman   Pax: Catfish, Trickdaddy, Java, Hip, Luthor, Spud, Gooney, Marlboro, Homeland, FNG (Stevie Miller)   Warm up: Mosey around ASEC for warm up: butt kickers, high knees, head to bottom lot SSH Loose change Plank Arm circles Head to Rock pile   Thang: Top lot 10 curls, 10 overhead press […]

Red V Blue

When:11/26/2022 QIC- Java Pax:- Spud, Scooter, Gooney, Catfish, Tombstone, Neverland, TP, Marlboro, The Thang: Mosey to Locke Mill Plaza for Warmarama including SSHs, ISTs, and mountain climber merks while adult alphabet is called out in cadence. Then mosey to top of the new deck for the real Thang with the Q trying to intentionally to […]

No Skin Off My Back

PAX: Homeland, No Show, Tupperware, Skinner, Slash, Popeye, Firechicken, LMU, Psycho T, Finish Line, Buzzkill, Mayweather, Mountie, Catfish, Private Ryan, Scooter, Hipbone, El Abogado, Mayhem, Spud, Tombstone  A Legion of Men followed the Q into the unknown this morning. Unknown to them, and even unknown to the Q. Here’s how it went:  Mosey to the old deck to… WARM UP  SSH x20ic Hillbillies x15ic  Loose Change x10ic Arm Circles Various Leg Stretches  That sweet cadence […]

The Hidden Basketball Court

AO: OCT Q: Popeye Pax: PR, Skinner, Psycho T, Grover, Mayweather, Tombstone, Marlboro, Mayhem, Checkmate, Tupperware, Buzzkill, Spud, El Ab, No Show Warm up at Boys and Girls Club Mosey to the Glenn Center, formerly Concord Middle for the 40 something’s, Concord High for the 60 something’s Station 1: basketball court, 15 Carolina Drydocks Station […]