Concord’s World Cup


PAX: Spud, PsychoT, Marlboro, Mountie, Catfish, Luther, Tombstone, Java, Popeye Scooter

10 showed up to the new deck to stay out of the rain.


  • x15 SSH
  • arm circles
  • x10 mericans

Thang :

Break into two teams. Play the soccer version of H-O-R-S-E but where you spell G-O-A-L

Exercises in-between. The loser of round does more exercises than the winner

As a team get your soccer ball to the top of the deck by passing it up. The defense was introduced in round 2.

Winner 5 burpees. Loser 10 burpees.

Pain stations back down the deck.


  • No time


We are not the best soccer players, to begin with, but using an over-inflated size 1 ball made us REALLY bad.

I was unlucky to fall on my ass. But very lucky to leave with only my pride hurt. I was 2 inches away from a busted tailbone!

Appreciate you all playing along.