Elementary school school bus

When: 1/11/23
Q: Luthor
Pax: Frostbite; Popeye; LMU; Tombstone; Firechicken; Sandtrap; Private Ryan; Spud; Checkmate; El Ab; Ace; Gooney; Buzzkill; Finishline; Brickyard; Loveboat; Skinner; Mountie;
19 men showed up to a chilly, but acceptable January morning. Great to see everyone and missed the ones that couldn’t make it.
Warm up:
Mosey to the Q’s office parking lot next to the b  in m wash for some warm up:
The Thang:
We ran around downtown stoping for pain stations. The first pain station only had 2 exercises. At each stop, we repeated all exercises and picked up a new one, so the last stop we completed all 6 exercises.
The exercises were:
1 minute plank
20 squats
20 reverse crunches
20 low flutter ic
15 Bobby Hurley’s
10 burpees
Make it back to OCT almost dead on 6:15
Things that I’ve experienced since I have started F3:
– I’m in better shape
– I’m healthier
– I have more great friends
– I’m a better friend
– I know more Duke haters to ride my ass
– I’m a better father
– Better husband
– Better financial advisor
– Better citizen
– Better Christian
– I drink better liquor
– I drink more coffee
– I have a much larger repertoire of dick jokes
– I’ve eaten at a steakhouse with a strip club in the back – and ENJOYED it and hope to go back!
– I now know if you think your dog has a chillin’ gangsta lean, it might actually mean he has a hole in his esophagus.
– I could go on and on and on…
“Everyday that you learn something is a great day” – Luthor
Thanks again,