Burpees and Herpes

When: 1/14/23 

QIC: Neverland

The PAX: Goony, Scooter, Spud, Mountie, Homeland, Tombstone ,El Ab, Marlboro, Hops, Total Package

10 Pax+ Q showed up with a promise of staying together and talking $#!*. Java curiously did not.

Warm up 

  • Mosey to back of Truist lot
  • SSH x 20
  • IST x 15
  • Mtn Climbers x 10
  • Arm circles


A cumulative workout with 5 stops around town.

Truist Lot: People’s choice x 10 (burpees were chosen. more on this below.) 

Wells Fargo: add 20 Merkins

5/3 Lot: add 30 Lunges

Mugga Bridge: add 40 WW2’s

Southern Strain: add 50 Squats

We then run the route in reverse, subtracting exercises.

Total: 5K run, 90 Burpees, 140 Merkins, 150 Lunges, 120 WW2’s, 50 Squats.


Some quick core work as the clock ticks.

  • Box-cutters x 10
  • Superman/Iron Man
  • A few stretches


Like herpes, the first exercise in this beatdown stays with you the entire time. So when Mountie excitedly called out “Burpees!” I laughed out loud while the PAX let out a collective groan. Tombstone immediately started bitching and pretty much kept at it for the full hour culminating with something about sticking his finger in someone’s butt. Despite all the bitching, this was a great Saturday beatdown. We ended with coffee, and someone (not me) drawing a penis on Tomby’s car window. Good times.