Red V Blue

QIC- Java

Pax:- Spud, Scooter, Gooney, Catfish, Tombstone, Neverland, TP, Marlboro,

The Thang:
Mosey to Locke Mill Plaza for Warmarama including SSHs, ISTs, and mountain climber merks while adult alphabet is called out in cadence. Then mosey to top of the new deck for the real Thang with the Q trying to intentionally to leave pax behind and get them run over. At the deck Pax split into two teams. Each team was given 6 balloons with envelopes attached. Red balloons for team one and blue for team two. Goal was to complete the task on the envelope then pop the balloons attached before the other team. The task listed an exercise to be performed at a specific location.. Pax could choose how ever they wanted to get to the location of the listed task. Tasks included pulls ups at Coltrane, manmakers at OCT with block, Mike Tyson’s at Carolina Courts, and others. During the Thang team one decided to add a new form of transportation for the beat down and clown car’d. Tombstone in the opposite team attempted to carjack several times while his other team members discussed what objects they had in their pockets that could deflate a tire. Catfish who was driving was adamant he was on the right side of the rules per the Q’s instructions. Also occuring Team two kept losing team members without remorse. Liters of gas were expelled regularly and who’s source will remain anonymous to avoid criminal prosecution. The US v England game was bashed by several pax per the 0-0 score likely as a projection regarding the Tarheels loss. 15 minutes from the end – when the q noted team two was falling apart and team one was liekly racing thru the McD’s drive thru the Q cut his losses and took the remaining balloons to Mary and had the pax complete the remaining exercises in one location to ensure the pax would return to one cohesive group that could enjoy more gas clouds as a group. Just to top it off the q added 5 burpees and 5 merks performed at opposite sides of the OCT parking lot counting down one rep at a time. Then recover recover.
COT – Skinners family,
I enjoyed running the group today thanks to everyone for playing.