Hardees for the Win

When: 11.29.22


QIC: Bozeman


Pax: Catfish, Trickdaddy, Java, Hip, Luthor, Spud, Gooney, Marlboro, Homeland, FNG (Stevie Miller)


Warm up:

Mosey around ASEC for warm up:

butt kickers, high knees, head to bottom lot


Loose change


Arm circles

Head to Rock pile



Top lot 10 curls, 10 overhead press with block

Head to next lot 10 squats

Head to next lot 10 merks

Bottom lot 10 lbc’s  and 10 WW2’s

Head back to top lot and increase by 2.


Most got up to 20 and started back at 10.

Called it and did some brick work in top lot.


Some random stretching and called it.


Prayers for Skinner, Flythe family, and Barnhardt family. All having lost a loved one in the last couple weeks.

Skinner services Saturday 10:30 visitation, 12 is service. Ask Cat for more details or correction on times.



Realized its been a while being back in the Q but had an FNG that we have bene working to get out for a while. Stevie Miller, good guy and would be a good addition to this group.

Coming off Thanksgiving and the time with family, the stress of work has set back in and end of year close out pressure at work is greatly increased. Always great to start the day off with a beatdown, though I would have enjoyed coffee, its not the cards for a bit. Im sure the conversation this morning was clean, quiet, and enjoyable since we didn’t have our local megaphone Tombstone joining this morning.


Though I have been listed on the rest of the week, I need some of you to take a Q, or else I may just take them and do murder bunnies for 30 min, no warm up, no cool down, just start and finish.


As I have stated in the past, I greatly appreciate this group in many ways. Thanks for the friendships, the accountability, and encouragement. It was great to lead again.


Boze, out.