Because the people demand it

F3 Concord


AO:  All Tha Saints Episcopal Chapel


Pax:  Gooney, Popeye, the 1 & only Psycho T, El Ab, Hippie Hop, Luthor, TSstone, Marlboro, Scooter, Brickyard, DeerTick, Hip, Fire Chicken

14 of Concords finest went to bed shortly after halftime of a balow-out of a national college football championship and paid heed to that alarm on a balmy January morning to better themselves or at least take a step towards being hard by doing something uncomfortable and not easy/cushy.

Mosey to rehab for warm up.

20 SSH

10 IST’s

Arm circles

Loose Change

Runners Stretch

Down dog, up dog, down dog Merks x5

Run to the bridge for 40 dips OYO.  We never do these and I definitely gotta be ripped this summer so gotta hit those delts bro.  Who’s with me?

Run to mall parking lot for

10 Core Killers

10 Eddie Merks (led in perfect cadence by my man El Hab)

Circle Merk with 3 different types.  Regular, wide and Diamond.  All hold plank while one pax gets after it and rotate all the way around.  Each pax does 5 reps of each.  Got to us all in that 3rd round.


Curb of the parking lot:  8 burpees

1st pole:  12 lunges

2nd pole:  12 crunchy frogs

3rd pole:  12 Carolina Dry Docks

4th pole:  12 V-Ups

Back to the curb and repeat.  Decreasing burpees by 1 each time.


Touch those toes

Super man to iron man a few times

Prayers offered up for Brickyard sister Katherine and for the realest of homies from Rowan CO wife Charlotte as she’s in the final stretch.  Which means TStones presence alone is gonna annoy her.  Sorry bud you can try but even doing nice things at this point is gonna get overlooked.  Just know it ain’t about you at all at this point.

Post workout vibe.  Just throwing it out there.  Y’all are hard.  Super hard.  Except for those that weren’t there.  You are jello.  Make it a point to join us next time so your arms don’t jiggle.

Glad to see my man DeerTick.  As he’s aging I believe he’s realized he’s a hugger and is beginning to hand me out like candy.  Brickyard, Tombstone and Marlboro lead the charge.  Youngsters.  Let me tell you about Scooter.  That dude is solid.  Solid reps every time, he’s fast and he’s the type of guy that every good group needs.  Hops is always good for a great and engaging conversation about a wide range of topics.  But mostly centered on good bourbon choices.  As punishment for breaking plank Pax were given 8 burpees.  And you know the only one that did them?  El Ab.  And he loves some plank like TStone loves throwing cash at teams that Vegas don’t like.  Glad to see Popeye out 3x in one week.  I’ve noticed when El Ab gets an inkling to do his own thing and pay little attention to his wingman PT, that Luthor steps right in.  Luthor is the type of friend we all need.  Those Concord Mafia brothers respect all the Spiders.  Always respect the spider.  Brickyard is also pretty stout.  We wondered when he first came out because he didn’t have any running shoes but he’s quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Gooney even heard I was the Q and showed up on a Wednesday just because he didn’t want to miss out.  Hip represented the respects today.  I hope one day I’ll be coming out like you guys are.  I gave some chest work for Fire Chicken because I knew he would like it.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2‬:‭3‬-‭4‬ ‭NIV‬‬