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Why do we need rope?

7 ruckers met for some team building exercises and drug a few things…no our knuckles though. Warm-O-Rama Mosey around field to middle walkway…YHC almost missed the turn…back to concession stand Merkins x 10IC Slow Squats x 10IC …back to parking lot Intro to 8ct bodybuilders x 5OYO YHC had a 10′ rope with carabiners at […]

Fun courtesy of Duke Energy

10 willingly posted to a Duke Energy sponsored morning glory wake-up call. This is their story: Warm-O-Rama Mosey to the darkened dead end of Street Ave and lying at the tree line covered in dew were 2 Duke energy stamped fun sticks. Basic instruction of the 3 step process of getting the logs on your […]

Bruce Tuckman would be proud!

10 men entered the gloom in hopes of better preparing for the MeCa GRT…the only prep needed now is for the Q to alter the original plan…THESE GUYS ARE GOOD! Warm-O-Rama YHC advised that a self war-up should be performed as the move started at 0500…some heeded the advise while a few others warmed up […]