Author: YellowCake

Rain is just a mental game

In attendance were Spaz, Opie, Buckner, Hokie Pokie, 4-Wide, Buck, Terrible Towel, Moolah, Rickshaw, Yellowcake. Rain didn’t stop 10 men from making themselves stronger on a Saturday morning.  0700 hit, a disclaimer was given, and a mosey in the drizzle took us around the tennis court sidewalk, back to the parking lot for some Warmorama. […]

Labor Day Blockbell workout

A holiday means a chance to double-down as Afton delays the start of their workout.  So the challenge was issued: kettlebells with YHC, then head over to Afton for more fun. 8 showed up at The Dawghouse, a good number for Monday.  I issued yet another challenge;  leave your kettlebell in the car and use […]

Make it count!

5 of the fittest Dawgs showed up for YellowCake beatdown that promised nice weather and no burpees.  Here’s how it went down… Warmorama ISTs, Slow Mtn Climbers, Toe Sweeps, arm circles, Michael Phelps. We moseyed to the south corner of the parking lot where instructions were given; not much running today, so when you run, […]

4 cones but no ice cream for Dawgs

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve Q’d at the Dawghouse, so when the MQ announced there were openings this week, I signed up. I Q’d this workout at Comanche awhile back and got a lot of complaints, so I figured it would be a good one. MASH, Talladega, Buck, Liquid Courage, and YHC Mosey’d […]

Dawghouse 100’s

Dawghouse beatdown:  100’s 13 Dawgs for a end of week YellowCake beatdown. Mosey to the baseball field for Warmorama.  Lots of chatter, so much so that MASH mentioned I was losing them.  YHC had a little extra swagger this morning, and knew that it wouldn’t be long until the real work begins and the chatter […]

Are you a BAMF or are you going to wear a skirt today?

The gauntlet was dropped on the pre-blast, show up and show us you are a BAMF or just put your skirt on.  4 BAMFs (Buck, MASH, Pongo, & YellowCake) showed up in the 37 degree rain and it went like this: Warmorama: Mtn Climbers Imperial Storm Troopers Toe Sweeps Arm Circles The main event: Only […]

Rockin’ Xmas with Kettlebells

No set playlist for today, instead we listened to the sounds of the Season on the Sirius Rockin’ Xmas channel.  At times, we couldn’t understand the words and could only assume we were still listening to Christmas music.  But overall, 6 Elves at the Dawghouse got stronger while apparently there were lots of visions of […]

Slippery When Wet

Forecast was to be at the freezing mark for Friday morning, so the preblast was sent out, reminding guys to not let the cold temperatures beat you. 8 Dawgs showed up and it went something like this: Mosey a lap to the ticket booth for Warmorama: Ticonderoga and Blue Chip made a comment about running, […]