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F3 MeCa | May 7, 2021

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Revenge of the Fifth, the Deathstar

May 5, 2021 |

If you don’t know by now, YHC is a Star Wars fan.  Yesterday we celebrated Star Wars day.  Today is Revenge of the Fifth, and we remember those lost on the Deathstar.

Warmup was a typical 1/4 mile … Read More

Chuck Norris was in all the Star Wars movies

May 4, 2021 |

Not long ago, in a neighborhood not too far away…

On the eve of Star Wars Day, YHC sent out a message across the galaxy (to F3 Afton and F3 Dawghouse) to join the Rebel Alliance and help … Read More

Beach Body Prep

April 28, 2021 |

Beach Body Prep

10 Pax graciously attended the Dawghouse AO for the highly anticipated and highly advertised “Squirm & Monkey humper Beatdown”. YHC arrived to the AO early and prepared to the surprised of the arriving Pax. There was plenty … Read More

4 Tire Pitstop

April 16, 2021 |

There may have been some whiskey involved at Afton’s happy hour last night that lead to some of this awesomeness.  That, plus YHC’s trail Jeep just got some new tires.  So here we go!  Started out with a typical … Read More

Kettlebells are still my favorite workout

April 12, 2021 |

Nothing fancy today, just good ol’ fashion hard work put in by 5 Dawgs with kettlebells.

Short mosey, then some warmorama:



Toe Sweeps

Imperial Storm Troopers

Arm Circles

Now the … Read More

Turd Ferguson

April 6, 2021 |

I was really hoping to run the Bird route today, but my knee just hasn’t been cooperating, so I went with the ruckers this morning, and told the runners to run the Bird, or whatever they felt … Read More

Dawghouse 5 Year Convergence Sharknado Food Drive

March 26, 2021 |

The actual Dawghouse anniversary is 3/16, but better to celebrate late than never.  YHC wasn’t there when Pharaoh started this AO, but I am very thankful he did. So how did we celebrate?  By doing a food drive for … Read More

Kettlebells with some Star Wars music

March 1, 2021 |

Last week I practically lived at the nuke plant and didn’t get to post at all.  So it was good timing that I had already signed up for today’s Q.  I decided to surf the interwebs to see if … Read More

Kettlebells are my favorite

February 15, 2021 |

Kettlebells have become my favorite workout of the week.  I don’t know why, maybe because there is little running and 0 burpees.

The weather was in the mid 30s, so not as cold as it has been, … Read More

Dawghouse takes the Q at Afton

February 6, 2021 |

I don’t get out to Afton as often I’d like to since I usually do 5 days a week at the Dawghouse.  And I know that the best way to make yourself show up is to sign up to … Read More