Labor Day Blockbell workout

A holiday means a chance to double-down as Afton delays the start of their workout.  So the challenge was issued: kettlebells with YHC, then head over to Afton for more fun.

8 showed up at The Dawghouse, a good number for Monday.  I issued yet another challenge;  leave your kettlebell in the car and use a concrete block.

A new face showed in the gloom, it’s Slow Pitch.  He recently moved here from down east and even showed up with his own concrete block!  Not knowing if it met the stringent requirements of a Dawghouse block, he left it and used one of ours.

We moseyed to get the blocks, then on to the tennis courts.

Start with the first exercise.  Then bear crawl to the net.  Then broad jump back.  Then add the next exercise, rinse & repeat.

2 pull-ups

10 curls

10 tricep extensions

10 atomic crunches

10 bent over rows

10 lawnmowers each arm

10 dips

10 chest presses

10 upright rows

We ended a few minutes early to give those of us who are doubling down enough time to drive over to Afton.  Great work by all.  Some claimed I brought a beatdown to a kettlebell workout.  I’ll take that as a compliment.

Kudos to Hokie-Pokie, Buck, and Iron City for joining YHC on the double down challenge today.

Prayers for the BRR guys this weekend.

YellowCake out!