5 men did not get lucky this morning

YHC decided it was time to Q at Comanche.  So the preblast dropped the gauntlet; there’s only 1 thing you could be doing at 0530 that’s better than working out with your buddies, but your wife will be angry if you wake her up for that!  So it turns out 5 men did not get lucky on this below freezing morning!

And it went something like this:

Mosey around as I get my bearings.  Oh look, Buckwheat is coming in, so let’s keep moseying to make sure he gets a little mosey.


Mtn Climbers



Arm circles

Main Event:

Mosey to the picnic shelter. Sharknado style, do 1 exercise, run, do 2 exercises, run, etc.

5 pull-ups

10 WWIIs

15 Squats

20 Merkins

Mosey to the circle drive, and watch out for crazy school employees that think they need to park in the spot we’re exercising in.

Partner up:

Partner 1 runs around the circle drive while partner 2 does exercise.  Swap.

200 reps per team per exercise.






Now we are right on time for a little more.  Run to the light, 10 hand release Merkins.  Run to the end of the lot, 10 more hand release Merkins.


Pretzel Crunches right and left

Low flutter

Low dolly

Guys, thanks for coming out.  Judging by the sweat angels everyone was making in the sub-freezing temperatures, I’d say it was a success physically.  For me, it’s just as important mentally.  F3 is the medication I try to get 5 days a week.  So push yourself to come out and get your medication, and be someone else’s medication.

YellowCake out!