Are you a BAMF or are you going to wear a skirt today?

The gauntlet was dropped on the pre-blast, show up and show us you are a BAMF or just put your skirt on.  4 BAMFs (Buck, MASH, Pongo, & YellowCake) showed up in the 37 degree rain and it went like this:


Mtn Climbers

Imperial Storm Troopers

Toe Sweeps

Arm Circles

The main event:

Only 4 exercises, 20 reps each, then repeat 12 sets:



People’s Chair Air Presses


Now our arms are smoked, let’s do Mary.

LBCs x 20

RBCs x 20

Pretzel Crunch left x 20

Pretzel Crunch right x 20

Low Flutter x 20

Low Dollie x 20

Leg climbs x 10 each leg

Now our core is smoked, let’s do some stretching.

Thoughts for today:

I saw on Comanche’s channel last night that Pongo was looking for guys to ruck this morning, but they were all scared of the rain.  So I invited him to come over to the Dawghouse, and he did just that.  I’ve actually found it fun to have a change of scenery occasionally and visit different AOs.  Pongo, we were glad to have you, hope you enjoyed it.  Buck was there and wasn’t even late!  He has upped his game recently and started running, even dragging others with him.  Be like Buck!  And let’s talk about Mr. Consistent for a minute, MASH.  I don’t think anyone has been more consistent than MASH this past year.  I have not yet seen a workout where he didn’t smile the entire time.

These 3 guys are all RESPECTS, and are out there leading by example.  The question is, are you willing to follow and learn?

YellowCake out!

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