Rain is just a mental game

In attendance were Spaz, Opie, Buckner, Hokie Pokie, 4-Wide, Buck, Terrible Towel, Moolah, Rickshaw, Yellowcake.

Rain didn’t stop 10 men from making themselves stronger on a Saturday morning.  0700 hit, a disclaimer was given, and a mosey in the drizzle took us around the tennis court sidewalk, back to the parking lot for some Warmorama.

After we were warmed up, we moseyed across the street in the light rain.  There we played 4-Corners and that went something like this:

4 Corners:

Spilt into 2 Teams.  Both Teams does an exercise at corner 1 while player 1 from each team sprints to next corner.  Player 1 begins the exercise at corner 2. Player 2 sprints.  If you aren’t sprinting, you are performing the exercise at a corner.  When everyone makes it to corner 2, begin exercise exercise 2 and sprint to corner 3.  Etc.  the exercises were:






Shoulder taps

Carolina Dry Docks

Hello Dolly’s

Next head back across the street in slightly more rain.  Grab a block and a partner.  Partner 1 Carrie’s two blocks, Partner 2 does 3 merkins, then runs to Partner 1 and they swap.  We did this to get the blocks to the dry picnic shelter.

Once in the cover of the picnic shelter,

Start with the first exercise.  Then bear crawl across the shelter.  Then walk.  Then add the next exercise, rinse & repeat.

10 curls

10 tricep extensions

10 atomic crunches

10 bent over rows

10 lawnmowers each arm

10 dips

10 chest presses

10 upright rows

10 Calf Raises

Now return the blocks the same way they got here.  Finish up with some Mary.  Recover-recover!

I’m thankful for this group that isn’t afraid of some rain, and comes out to support each other.  It was awesome to have 4-Wide back as he has been recovering from injury.

YellowCake out!