Make it count!

5 of the fittest Dawgs showed up for YellowCake beatdown that promised nice weather and no burpees.  Here’s how it went down…


ISTs, Slow Mtn Climbers, Toe Sweeps, arm circles, Michael Phelps.

We moseyed to the south corner of the parking lot where instructions were given; not much running today, so when you run, make it count and sprint!

4 Big Corners:

Group does an exercise at corner 1 while player 1 sprints to next corner.  Player 1 begins the exercise at corner 2. Player 2 sprints.  If you aren’t sprinting, you are performing the exercise at a corner.  When everyone makes it to corner 2, begin exercise exercise 2 and sprint to corner 3.  Etc.  the exercises were:






Shoulder taps

Low flutters

Hello Dolly’s

Next, Mosey to blocks via tennis courts.

2 pull-ups at each gate as you pass thru the tennis courts.

Block work:

20 Curls

20 Triceps

20 Atomic crunches

Sprint to gate and back.

20 Bent Over rows

20 chest presses

20 Atomic crunches

Sprint to gate and back

20 Curls

20 Triceps

20 Atomic crunches

Back to the tennis courts, 1 pull-up at each gate, then on to Mary and some stretching to wrap it up.

It was a great morning. Kudos to Spaz who rode his bike all the way to the Dawghouse.  Mash got his favorite block, not sure if it has helium in it, but he was throwing it around like a boss.  Buck came in a little late, but made up for it by putting in 110% effort.  Loveboat got to show just how fast he is on the sprints.  Great work gentlemen!

Prayers for Turbine on his mission trip, Grassy Knoll being overseas, and all our brothers who weren’t there today.

Kannon’s convergence is tomorrow and Afton is closed, so go represent!  Have a great weekend.  Be the medicine.

YellowCake out!