Author: Wexler

What a Beautiful Morning!

Pax:  Gamma, Starsky, Escalade, Mad Dog, Othello, Battery, Zin, Oz, Clueless, T Bone, Wexler Q: Wexler 11 came out for a beautiful fall day to push themselves around the box.  This weather isn’t going to last long so get out and get stronger! Route: The Box Repeats Run down to the box Do a lap […]

New Kicks Club

Pax:  Bearclaw, Bonvoy, Exit 54, Papa John, Clueless, T Bone, Wexler Q:  Wexler   7 came out for another humid pitchfork to compete for the coveted Local Legend Title and T shirt, to train for BRR, to speed train, and to prove he is one of the baddest respects out there!  The majority of the […]

Championship Soccer Workout!

Pax:  Clueless, Birdcage, JD, PapaJohn, Bear Claw, SS Minnow, Battery, Wexler Q:  Wexler   8 of the toughest came out on a pretty nice summer morning to try and tackle a U9 Soccer Championship workout!  The beatdown dared to ask the question, are you tougher than a 7/8 year old?….this is what champions do and […]

No Spoilers!

Pax:  Gamma, Sheepdog, Kelsey King (FNG), Ripkin, Minnion, Dr. Lecter, Practice, Bearclaw, Birdcage, Bonvoy, Escalade, Wexler Q:  Wexler   12 came out on a beautiful spring morning to get a little better.  We had an FNG show up without any gloves so we had to modify to make sure he came back.  This is what […]

Defiant Jazz

Pax:  Gamma, Solocup, Othello, Smokey, Dick Tracy, Papa John, Wexler Q:  Wexler   7 of the biggest Severance/Peacemaker Fans showed up for Trivia Day this morning.  I was kind of joking about it but the fact only 7 people showed up, I think I may have scared some away.  I showed up early this morning […]

Swimming Downhill

Pax:  Clueless, T Bone, Othello, RipTide, Smokey, Bear Claw, Sheep Dog, Birdcage, Battery, Dick Tracy, Wexler Q:  Wexler 11 Came out to stroll down the old Shamrock on a beautiful spring morning!   Route: Shamrock   COT Announcements: 5/20 – Time Laps – two spots open!  Hurry now! 6/26 – Healthy Achievement 5k in Charlotte […]

He went back to get him…

Pax:  Deadhead, Clueless, T Bone, Birdcage, Exit 54, Starsky, Escalade, Oz, Battery, Talladega, Othello, Riptide, Wexler Q: Wexler 13 came out for a beautiful spring morning to wonder aloud why the Harrisburg 5k route is mostly hills…in both directions.  Every time we asked where someone was someone shouted out ‘oh he went back to get […]


Pax:  Gamma, T Bone, Clueless, Othello, Deadhead, Tar Tar, Bear Claw, Dr. Lecter, Ripkin, Smokey, Big Bird, Banjo Boy, Tumbler, Wexler Q: Wexler 14 came out in the very dark gloom to see what ole Wexler had cooked up for them.  I couldn’t see much out there but from the sounds of it, they loved […]

Tough Days

Pax:  Gamma, Smokey, Starsky, Tumbler, S.S. Minnow, Thurston, Birdcage, Kojak, Teen Spirit, Wexler Q:  Wexler 10 of Harrisburg’s absolute baddest came out on a slightly chillier than normal Spring morning to run through a football practice and try to take on the 1000 rep challenge. Warm Up: SSH X 20 Windmill X 10 IST X […]